Thursday, March 1, 2012

'Something Borrowed'...Something Better As A Movie

Hollywood movie makers tend to think they can make everything better. Books included.

Sometimes they're wrong, other times they're really wrong but in some very rare instances they actually get one right.

The other night I was channel surfing & noticed the movie 'Something Borrowed' was going to be on and as some of you may know (or read here), I hated that fucking book with a passion. It sucked, was a waste of $14.95 and completely took away my want to see the movie.

However, I'm pretty a sucker for anything Ginnifer Goodwin's in and almost 10 months had past since reading the book so my anger for the books' shitty story telling had somewhat dwindled...so I dvr'd it.

And, last night I watched it.

To be completely honest, I didn't expect much out of it except maybe a little drool fest over Colin Egglesfield but surprisingly enough I didn't have the urge to throw something at my tv while watching it. I was even surprised by how quickly I got into it and dare I say...*gulp* actually liked it.

The story line was still pretty much the same as the book but the fact that the movie took it a little bit deeper was a good thing, I felt closer the characters and a lot easier to relate to them. At one point I actually felt sorry for that selfish bitch, Darcy, who irked me beyond belief in the book.

I may never forgive Hollywood for screwing up the book-to-big screen version of 'Shutter Island' but I do have to give them credit for making 'Something Borrowed' better and turning it into more than the book I once bought, hated, and hucked at wall in displeasure.

And, casting the sarcastic cutie John Krasinkski as Ethan...loved it!

What did you think of the movie, better or worse than the book?



  1. Isn't John K. perfect?! I am in love with him, for sure. Totally agree about the movie > the book!

    Keep Shining,

  2. I was a little confused with the movie. I wasn't sure if they were doing "something borrowed" or "something blue" I mean some parts they grabbed from the other book (Kate Hudson's side of the story)

    Anyhow - I liked the movie way better too!

  3. I loved that movie! Never read the book...borrowed it (ha ha) from a friend but it sat on my nightstand for months.

  4. Supposedly they are making a sequel, based on the sequel of the book (obviously). Kate and John will get most of the camera time this go 'round. But hopefully, Colin will make an appearance. *swoon*

  5. I liked the book and was quite disappointed with the movie. But after watching the movie over and over again, I like it!

    I read the second book again recently after watching the movie and hated the book. Probably because I read it with Kate Hudson's annoying character.


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