Thursday, March 22, 2012

Lets Do This: Favorite Things Swap!

Lately I've been getting the itch to host a giveaway but honestly I'm sort of played out when it comes to giveaways. So what's the next best thing? A swap!

Just last month I joined a 'Spring Swap' and had a blast and now that I want to join another one I can't find any. Go figure.

Hence why I'm starting my own. Yes m'am, say hello to the 'Favorite Things Swap'!

Nifty little photo isn't it? Yeah, I totally made that myself. *smug smile*

Alright, so if you've joined a swap before then you already know that it only works if you get people to join in...yeah, I'm totally lookin to YOU.

I promise it'll be fun & you won't even have to break the bank either since it's only a $15 spending max (hello Target $1 aisle!). Oh yeah, you know you'll have a blast shopping for a bunch of your favorite things (lip gloss, nail polish, lotion, candy, gift card, candle, movie, book, magazine, etc) and sending them to your swap buddy.

Not to mention you'll be getting a package full with their favorite things in it too...it's a win/win party up in here.

So, you in? Well, hold your horses and read these details just to be sure you can commit (we don't want any slackers in this group):
  • By signing up you are promising (cross your heart & hope to die kinda stuff) that you'll send your assigned swap buddy a package filled with your favorite items & won't leave them hangin'.
  • You must be willing to spend up to $15 (before shipping).
  • Partners will be randomly matched up & sent to you via email on Monday, April 2.
  • Your package must be in the mail by the end of Monday, April 16.
  • A linky will be posted on this blog on Monday, April 23 for those that want to link up & show off all the cool things they received.
  • Swap is open to everyone all over the world! (US residents, if you're not willing to ship internationally just let me know)
Still ready to join in on the 'Favorite Things Swap' fun? I hope so!

Leave me a comment on this post by Friday, 3/30 letting me know I can count you in & whether or not you're willing to ship internationally. *DO NOT sign up if you can't commit*

It'd be super awesome if you guys could help spread the word about this swap. Pass it on please...



  1. Yay! I'm totally in, although I think I might have to stay within the USA for shipping purposes. Can't wait!!

    Keep Shining,

  2. my last gift swap, I was left hanging. Seriously. Lied to about the whole thing. 5 weeks later nothing. The ladies that put the swap together are going to make it right. Be careful who you let in your swap. I really hooked the lady up with one my totes and favorite things and she left me out to dry!

  3. Count me in! Anything for my friend. I am willing to ship anywhere.

    Good for you for hosting your own swap. I knew you could do it. If it's only me, you and Meghan, it will still work out.

    I will post this swap on my blog this weekend.

    1. I found you through Leesh and would love to join the swap, will ship anywhere!! Fun!

  4. Sign me up! I love "favorite things" things. I was actually planning to host a favorite things giveaway, but this sounds like a blast.

  5. Also, for budgetary purposes, I will most likely need to only ship in the US.

  6. I found you through Leesh and I am SOOO excited to do this! Count me in!! (I can only ship in the US)

  7. Count me in too, this is so exciting:) And I guess it doesn't need to be written, but I will ship anywhere:)

  8. ack I want to be in!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I'll do it! U.S. only shipping, please. Sorry, International Friends!! :(

  10. Sounds fun! I'll pass this time but I love the idea. Nice job!

  11. Glad you decided to go for it! See, you're not picked last in gym!

    <3 I'm in! Preferably, I would like to be matched within the US (shipping is expensive, yo!) and to someone who likes Starbucks. ;)


  12. What an awesome idea, I am SO IN! real mail is the best.
    and i'm down for US shipping only please! thanks!!!

  13. This sounds so fun! You can count me in for this :] I'd prefer to just ship to someone in the US though (living on a budget!)

  14. I'm in!! I can ship to internationally ;) I can't wait. I've been out of the blogosphere for awhile and would love to jump back in.


  15. in it to win it! i prefer US shipping only :)

  16. I'm in and I can't wait! I'm in Australia, so I'm obviously up for international postage.

    I'll put a little thing on my blog and see if we cant get some more.

  17. I want to! I'd prefer US shipping, but I'll step up if you have an odd number of international people. :) Thanks for hosting!

  18. I'd love to! I'm in! Found this from Sar's blog. :)
    I'd prefer US shipping please. Thanks!

  19. hi lin! i linked over via leesh's blog... would love to join in on the fun. i'd be happy to ship internationally. :)


  20. I would love to join in on the swap - sounds like a ton of fun! I think I am going to stick with US only just because of the costly shipping for international. So excited!

  21. I'm totally in! I'd prefer to not ship internationally.

  22. Whoop whoop! I'm in! I can go international if I must.

  23. Sounds like fun! I found this through Sar's blog :)

  24. I'm new at this and truly appreciate your approval to join in via my daughter from Blarkness. No problem with US or Canada shipping. I am so excited I already went shopping today to start my favorite things box.

  25. Ahhh I would LOVE to participate! I can't really ship anywhere other than the US (#collegekidproblems) but i can totally ship elsewhere in the US!

    Sarah at sunlightafterrain@gmail.com

  26. I'm totally in! I would prefer US shipping only :)

  27. I'm in!! I'd prefer to ship in the US


  28. sure, i'm in! :)
    (us only)

  29. Last minute entry! sorry im such a procrastinator!! I can ship internationally (unless you have an influx of irish people playing LOL)!! woot!

  30. I just came back to check when I had to send my package and saw April 2 first. Cue mini heart attack! Gah! :)

  31. I read about this awesome idea on Sprinkles and Style! I totally love this idea. I like it better than a give away because it's a win win for everyone! And who doesn't like to receive mail. I would love to participate in another one in the future! I'm for sure going to follow your blog! Have a lovely day!



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