Thursday, March 29, 2012

He's Always Finding A Way To One-Up Me

I've always considered myself a nice person.

I hold doors open for people, have offered my seat to an old person before, and if someone's short a quarter at the check out stand I'll offer to give it to them. See, I'm nice.

But sometimes I feel like all those little good deeds don't mean shit when Rusty comes along & shows off his nice person skills.

We were on our way to Sams Club to order my moms birthday cake last night when he points out that a disabled man in a wheelchair is stuck in the grass on the side of road. Being the super sweet & caring person that I am, I say "Damn, that sucks. Hopefully he'll get out soon" and continue driving. Then without skipping a beat, Rescue Rusty says "We should probably go back so I can help him".

Yep, we should totally make a u-turn to help the dude unwedge his wheelchair instead of hurrying to the store & ordering the cake so I can get back home in time to watch an hour of tv before I have to go to bed. That's definitely what we should do.

And we did. Ok fine, technically I just turned the car around & Rusty was the one that got off to help the one legged-wheelchair bound-handicapped man that was stuck in the grass for the last 20 minutes.

*eye roll*

What can I say, I married a fucking boy scout.

But in all seriousness what are the chances his good deeds (which may or may not outnumber mine) count as mine too? I mean, we are married after all.

Karma take note.



  1. I totally hear you. Know I know that you're not supposed to be all "quid quo pro" with actions like this but still...Karma...take note please lol.

  2. You married a good man! That definitely says something about you. My dad is the same way. We call him "Dudley Doright."

  3. hahaha
    this is funny, because I consider myself a nice person, but my husband??!!
    He's way too much nice.
    He's so nice he's toxic.

  4. HAHA! Way to one up you. But in all seriousness, if YOU hadn't turned around there would have been no way he could have helped the person in the wheel chair. SO. Totally counts as your good deed too. LOL!!

  5. This made me laugh. Cuz I'm the one that says to my hubby "you should help that person" when we drive past a stranded motorist. Notice how *he* should be the one helping while I listen to tunes on the radio, hoping he doesn't get himself killed by a crazy lunatic while being the good Samaritan.

  6. Wow, you married a great man! He sounds like a saint. Good for you!! Love the blog. Xo

  7. Hey Lin, I found your blog through Connie (totally bummed I can't take part in your swap :( ) Love this post, I feel this way too, my husband is such a bloody saint! Everyone loves him. I think I'm a nice person but the things he does make me think again!

  8. So when I read the part about the dude stuck in his wheel chair, all I could think of was Ted Bundy...pretending to be vulnerable or disabled in some way, requiring help (of a woman for him to kill!!). And then there was that female teacher recently who got killed by that married couple when they claimed to have car trouble and needed her assistance. Yeah, dude, let your husband be the nice one!

  9. LOL! The good deeds you do are far better than most of the world's efforts so you should be proud of yourself. Since I live in Hollywerird and people are cray cray I always want to help but am afraid. Last homeless person I gave food to threw it away! Perfectly good food that I totally would have eaten lol.

  10. I feel that way sometimes when watching my husband do things. It's nice, though, to be married to guys who aren't jerks :)

    Have a great weekend!


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