Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Cotton PJ's Are Comfy, Not Sexy...

* Warning: This post includes adult topics*

Being married for six years has been surprisingly pretty easy. Don't get me wrong, it hasn't been all fun & games. We sometimes have our serious grown-up moments but I expected it to be hard.

A lot of people warned me that it would be difficult, there would be many obstacles to overcome and arguments to get over...maybe I've just been lucky (so far).

I like to think it's because Rusty & I have found a great middle ground...the one where I make up my mind and he doesn't fight me on it, haha.

Most of the time that middle ground works.

Other times it does not. Especially when it comes to what type of clothes I sleep in. Apparently, men don't like going to bed with a woman wrapped in cotton, who knew?

I can remember back when we first started dating - all the time and money that was spent on sexy lingerie - it had to be perfect so that I could look perfect. For him. It may have been a lot of work but it was worth it to see that sparkle in his eye and the grin on his face when he laid eyes on all my hard work me.

Now a days, dude's lucky if I slip into something that isn't flannel.

Truth is, I know he loves me regardless of what I'm wearing and I've taken advantage of it. I've become the wife that say's 'We have a few minutes before The Walking Dead starts, you want to do it?'...I know, I'm not too proud of it, especially now that it's been made public.

After a certain amount of years though, the lust flame tends to dim and you have to work pretty damn hard at keeping it bright, something I am guilty of not doing lately. Here's proof -->

Yep, that was me in last weeks sleepwear (I may or may not have worn it a couple of times that week). Sexy it is not...I see this now. And in case you're wondering, yes those are a pair of Rusty's boxer briefs. Don't judge, they're way comfortable!

So ladies, be nice to the lover in your life and wear something sexy for them tonight, they'll thank you for it...hopefully in more ways than just in words...what!?

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  1. Ah! I just started sleeping in Hubby's boxer briefs! Soooo comfy. But I think he actually likes it. Anything new or different and he likes it. Into the novelty wears off.


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