Thursday, March 8, 2012

Blue Jeans Apparently Aren't Colored Jeans...

My department has some pretty annoying dress code rules. I mean, I get that some are needed because they don't want their employees showing up to work dressed like fucking hobos but some I could definitely do without.

The major one one being...NO blue jeans.

I know, wtf is up with this rule? Don't they know they're holding back my creative fashionable ways by not allowing me to wear the only item of clothing that I have more of than anything?

Insanity, I tell you.

Yesterday we got a memo stating they had removed two items from the dress code.
  1. "Casual Day" because it no longer exists.
  2. The need to wear hosiery with dresses, skirts or skorts. (Yes, they just put hosiery & skorts in one sentence.)
Needless to say, I was pretty happy to see both these moron rules stricken from the dress code cause who the hell even wears pantyhose anymore besides jewel thief's? But one sentence in the entire boring memo stuck out like a ray of sunshine -

"Colored jeans are acceptable at any time provided they are not faded or torn"

Jeans? Colored? Yes! *throws arms up in the air in happiness*

Except...it didn't last too long because I continued to read -

"Blue jeans, knit pants which are form fitting or designed for casual wear are not acceptable"

Wait...what kind of tom foolery is this? Blue jeans are technically colored jeans, they're freakin' blue! But according to my 'still dresses like it's the 1980's' department head, they are not.

I guess I must be color blind cause I could have sworn they were.



  1. You should totally go in to work wearing yellow or orange jeans and see what they say.

    PS--I am the kind of person that thinks that all professional women should wear hose under their skirts and dresses in the office. But I am old-fashioned like that.

    Hey, I think I just got an idea for a post.

  2. So where I work, the rules are the same..."no colored jeans in the office" until some genious asked "what about BLUE!" and viola, an ammendment was created stating, blue jeans that are not faded are acceptable.

    Don't you just LOVE coporate America? Yeah...

    So, I sometimes wear hose under skirts but they're thigh highs. I mainly wear them b/c it's frickin' cold in the office and as soon as I step outside, they hose come off. I know, I'm brilliant. :)

    Good luck tomorrow!

  3. True that! And hose.. grr. Love the colored jeans thing these days though. Your blog is adorable! Newest reader :)

  4. Agree with Ms. Attitude. Bring theose yellow or orange or fuschia or lime green jeans on!

    And I wore stockings every day to the office. With a 'skort'. snicker:)

  5. That makes no sense at all about no blue jeans. You would think that would be the MAIN thing people would like to wear. If they aren't holey or whatever, why not? You can still look nice! Not cool...I agree. And at least pantyhose are off the list. It's true, who wears those on a normal basis?


  6. If you are wearing a skort and not on a tennis court, you should be punched in the face.
    jeans is jeans


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