Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ten On Tuesday

1. The movie Safe House...it's pretty awesome. You should definitely go see it if you like action, suspense, the Bourne movies, and/or hot Ryan Reynolds (minus the lame attempt to be funny).

2. I finally gave in to the Pinterest monster. You can now find killing even more time here. If you have an account, let me know cause I want to snoop around your boards & see what I can steal.

3. Speaking of Pinterest, what the fuck is up with all the six pack motivational pins? I can live with all the sexually explicit pins, sex I can do, but when you start telling me that "nothing tastes as good as skinny feels", that's where I draw the line because now you're just fucking lying to me.

4. This needs to be posted outside of my cubicle cause my co-workers are nosy as hell.

5. I found that the more I wear make-up the randier Rusty gets. Men really are simple animals aren't they?

6. What's up with the 'one nail painted different than the rest' trend? At first I thought maybe they had tried out a new color & forgot to take it off that one nail but nope, it's everywhere. Maybe I'm old school but I prefer my nails all one color.

7. Ever wonder what I do on my glorious weekends when I'm at the MIL's? (you know you do) Well, you're in luck because I have an exciting photo for you -->
Yep, I stalk you guys on twitter with another device at another location, like a spy.

8. Urkle's going to be 'Dancing with the Stars' this year. I'm thinking maybe it's about time they change the name to 'Dancing with the Has-beens'. On a side note, Maria Menounous is also dancing & I think they should give her the trophy just for being super hot.

9. There's nothing more annoying to me than a pretentious blogger. Stop trying so hard to get people to like you, if they do they great, if they don't then they can fuck off. The sooner you get that through your head the less you'll annoy me.

10. Our tortoise, Dexter climbed out of his reptile habitat the other day & trekked around our bedroom while we were at the MIL's. When I say we went cr-a-zy looking for the little shit, I'm not being dramatic. We cleared everything off the damn floor, walked on eggshells and searched in every nook and cranny...only to find him almost frozen & tucked into his shell in the bathroom corner. Yesterday, he tried escaping again...fucker just doesn't learn that it's cold & dangerous in the outside world.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Write you're own 10 on Tuesday...it's fun being random! And, don't forget to link up here so I can check you out.



  1. 1. Is it? I dunno, I was kinda wondering. Maybe MBFG and I will go see it.

    2. Woot! Go find me.

    3. My favorite one was that caption with a photo of Kate Moss. Uh, sweetie, that's called crack.

    4. Heh.

    5. Put on some pearls and see what happens.

    6. You can thank Pinterest for that. I thought it was kinda cool when a friend of mine did all of hers red, except for one finger in green for Christmas.

    7. I guess maybe I should tweet more.

    8. Urkel?! What?

    9. Okay. Sigh.

    10. Poor Dexter!

  2. I went to see "Safehouse" with my co-workers on Saturday, and it was a lot better than expected, and even better the tickets were free, they had some contest at work, and our department won movie tickets...

  3. 9. Who is it? I want to go read them and find out if I get annoyed too.

  4. 1. i was pleasantly surprised by this movie. plus even if it sucked ryan renolds is a hottie.

    2. good luck to you. its a time suck for sure.

    3. yep, definitely dont post that crap. ohh ya thanks for making me feel worse about those damn bagels you skinny beezys!!!!

    4. LOL

    5. yes, yes they are.

    6. i dont get it either. my friend who was in beauty school did that all the time and it drove me nuts! guess i'm not a cool kid.

    7. i seriously wish i understood twitter. see. told you i'm not a cool kid.

    8. good name - you should suggest it. urkle makes me miss TGIF.

    9. ::claps::

    10. oh geez. what an adventure for the little turtle.

  5. Jeez...when will I learn the award for being super hot. Probably after Ryan Gosling asks me on a date. I'll keep doing other things to keep my mind off it just in case it takes awhile.

  6. Pinterest is so dangerous. You can find me on there, I'm not sure how but I'm there. I'll try and follow you.


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