Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ten On Tuesday

1. I really miss wearing makeup. I used to spend 10-15 minutes on getting my liquid eyeliner the perfect width & making sure my eyeshadow blended perfectly. Now, I'm lucky if I'm ever in the mood to toss on some chapstick & pluck my unibrow.

2. You'd think I'd learn not to plan things because they never pan out. Gotta learn to just roll with the life tide.

3. As much as it's been dreaded I must begin my search for new black work pants. No lie, I actually didn't shower this morning because I used up all my time sewing the hole in the inner thigh of my current pair. *bows head in poor folk shame*

4. True dat -->

5. Saying I 'overate' this weekend would be a serious understatement. I feel like a giant walrus right now.

6. After watching this I dont think I'll ever be scare my future daughter with "if you dont finish school you're going to end up on the pole" because even I'm wondering why I spent all those damn years with my head buried in books instead of working on my pole moves...wow.

7. Crossover episodes suck. Grey's Anatomy & Private Practice are known for doing many of them & they need to stop it. Now. Honestly, come on, it's not like we all hadn't already expected the Shepard's to be able to get the entire brain tumor out. *eye roll* Personally, I think they should have killed Erika off already.

8. Today may officially be Tuesday but it's still my Monday so I've done nothing but watch 'The Walking Dead' behind the scene videos since I got to work. What can I say, I'm in love with this damn show!

9. Fact: Turning 29 is not actually as bad as dreading turning 29.

10. I know you gals wear jewelry so I don't get why there are only 2 entries for this awesome jewelry giveaway (which btw, I'm paying for) -> JoniKay Jewelry gift cards {2 winners}. Get on this yo.

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  1. Whenever I'm in a pinch and need some work pants... I uh, ... um... go to Goodwill. Haha. I live near a ritzy neighborhood so the selection is less ghetto and more "old lady." It has been working! ;)

  2. I love #4 and #8!! I love The Walking Dead, but it scares me!!

  3. 1. The last time I wore make-up, silver eye liner was "in." I'll let you do the math on that.

    2. I think this is where you're supposed to say, "life is what happens when you're busy making other plans?"

    3. Okay, I LOL'ed at "bows head in poor folk shame." Been there.

    4. OMG. Yeah. I HATE that.

    5. We had dinner at Texas Land & Cattle. It's exactly what it sounds like.

    6. It's a sad, sad world when pole dancers are making more than a chemist.

    7. Lame.

    8. What? I was too busy screaming and hiding from the zombie child.

    9. Which means, don't dread 30. Seriously, my 30's have been awesome!

    10. But my kids will eat it.

  4. One minute 25 seconds in is when that video began to get good. Strippers make good money -- but it's horrible for your self-esteem. Trust me and don't ask how I know.
    Plus it would NOT go over well with Rusty.

    And I laughed at that 'shower' cartoon - so true!

  5. I am FIVE episodes behind on the Walking Dead. I need to catch up STAT!

  6. 1. i wish i felt comfortable NOT wearing make up. i cant go out of the house without at least foundation and mascara on.

    2. true.

    3. i hate buying pants, and avoid it usually all but once a year.

    4. bwahaha.

    5. i just ate an entire half pizza and breadsticks...i feel ya.

    6. lol.

    7. agreed. truthfully i didnt even stay up for the private practice portion cause i figured it would suck.

    8. i am checking that out immediately!

    9. : ) happy late birthday. isnt it funny how we sometimes have those things built up in our mind as worse than they really are?

    10. what the crap, must have missed it.

  7. That Grey's and PP Crossover was horrible. Actually Grey's is getting boring again and just before the holidays I was thinking that it was getting back to that level it was at when the show first aired. I missed last Thursday so I have to catch up. Hopefully it wasnt a sleeper.

  8. I miss makeup too :( Sometimes I'll get a wild hair up my butt and put some on for the hell of it - in the end, Rich likes those days when he comes home and I have it on. *lol*

    Very try on the picture- nothing is worse than having to poo right after a shower. Ok, except maybe havin to throw up after you've had the runs in the toilet. Eww.

    That girl is amazeballs on that pole. Make sme want a house with apole in it, maybe my big ass would lose some weight. *loL*


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