Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ten On Tuesday

1. I hate not having my own car & driving my parents. It's annoying because it cost me 2x more in gas and it's not new. What I don't hate it is making a car payment every month. Nope, don't miss that one fucking bit.

2. If I've ever read the truth, this is it -->

3. My mom told me her sister mentioned that her daughter was going to ask me to be a bridesmaid in her August wedding. She hasn't yet so I've taken it upon myself to set up a double date in the next few weeks in order to give her the opportunity to ask. I know it's kind of pathetic & truth be told I don't really like being in wedding parties but I need something to look forward to. This could be it.

4. This is one of the creepiest things I've ever seen. Those damn Oompa Loompas always (even now) scare the shit out me -->

5. So my birthday's on Friday. Oh, I mentioned that before? Like 10x you say? Hm...whatever, I just don't want you guys to forget. On the same b-day note: Rusty's taking me to see 'The Red Light Revue' in Hollywood. Should be fun!

6. Valentines Day is just another day to Rusty & I but last night he came home from work with a surprise for me and the mushy girl in me loved it tons.

heart chocolates a la Home Depot

7. If you haven't watched Sunday's episode of 'The Walking Dead', stop here. Ok, you've been warned: Am I the only one who was happy to see Rick shoot those disgusting pigs in the bar? Also, I really hope the annoying Laurie dies in that car crash. I know she won't, but one can still hope.

8. Rusty & spent the weekend at the MIL's. It was fun to get away as she's currently living in Palm Dessert, the vacation spot for all rich people over 50. It was a god awful place to drive in but it was one of the cleanest cities I've ever visited. Like eat your damn heart out Disneyland area.

9. Whitney Houston is dead. This is a fact & it is indeed sad 'cause she had one amazing voice but can we all just tone it down a bit already? I'd like to be able to turn on the TV without seeing at least a bazillion channels running some type of tribute or interviews of people that 'loved her to the moon & back'. *eye roll*

10. If any of you guys want or know of anyone that is looking to advertise their site/shop, there's ad space available on my super awesome (yes, it really is) celebrity gossip blog (ITL: Celebrity Blog). And, maybe if any of you cool kats wanna give me an awesome birthday gift, you can pass this news on to your buddies :)

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  1. Happy upcoming birthday to you tjhis Friday Lin - and a Happy Valentine's Day to you and Rusty today!

    Whitney Houston took too many drugs. Sad she died from it, but why can't people be real after something like that instead of just acting like that wasn't a major issue and something that should be a huge red flag to anyone else to live a clean life? Drugs kill. Even superstars.

  2. 1. Boo for gas, but yay for no car payment. Seriously, it makes filling up my SUV a little less vomit worthy ($70 yesterday).

    2. Amen.

    3. Uh, if her wedding is in August, she might wanna get on the stick here.

    4. GAH!

    5. Happy Birthday in three days!

    6. That made me LOL! What a sweetie!

    7. Too much of a chicken to even watch the commercials.

    8. I've heard that before. I dunno. It might be a southern thing, but even the big cities in Texas are generally clean and non-scary. When I went to Chicago two years ago, it freaked me out. That place is nasty.

    9. Totally agree. I don't need to hear "breaking news" about the plane with her casket landing. Do. Not. Care.

    10. Can I sell my children on there?

  3. I am so with you on the Whitney Houston thing, on Sunday it seemed like everything people were writing on facebook was RIP Whitney, yeah it's sad, but I think she was the one to blame for it!

  4. You're actually *wanting* to be a bridesmaid? {shakes head}

    Also: this Whitney thing? I'm still trying to get over the deaths of Heath Ledger and Brittany Murphy. Their deaths were actually shocking. This one was waiting to happen.

  5. I had to skip over all things Walking Dead because I am a few eps back lol.

    Happy early birthday and happy (almost over) VDay hehe :)

  6. Oompa Loompas still scare me to this day. Especially the ones from the original movie. Creepy!

  7. Home Depot chocolates? I love it. It's my favorite thing to go to stores on Valentines Day and see guys awkwardly carrying things they normally wouldn't be seen touching all pink, fluffy, and cute like.


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