Thursday, February 23, 2012

Something About Nothing...

My brain's doing that thing again. The thing where you have all sorts of ideas to write about when you're not in front of the computer and finally when you are, they're all fucking gone.

I hate that thing.

My life's been pretty boring as of late. I have zero vacations planed and find myself being super jealous when I read about other peoples awesome weekend plans. There was a time when I imagined myself actually saving up enough money to go to Cancun for a week but now I can sit here & laugh at that silly idea.

I overspend. A lot. I honestly couldn't tell you on what because I'm wearing $20 Target shoes & holey pants that I bought 1.5 years ago. My hair needs to be trimmed but that will most likely be an at home job and I haven't bought make-up in 2 years. Don't judge.

I accidentally typed 'hand' job in place of 'home' up there & I laughed. Hard.

You know how sometimes you wash a pair of socks but one of them mysteriously gets 'lost' in the switch from washer to dryer? Yeah, I think that's what happens with my money. It's a conspiracy to drive me broke, I tell ya. At least that's the only reason I can think of why I'd be dressed like a hobo but spend money like I'm shitting it out.

This post seriously is going nowhere so if you're still reading you may be pretty disappointed right about now. If it makes you feel any better I'm smiling at the simple fact that you even made it this far without asking for the last minutes of your life back.

Sorry, but you can't in fact have it back.

Today's my Friday so now that this random brain dump is coming to a close I must go forth & continue my charade of pretending to do work when in fact I'm actually watching last nights Modern Family & Suburgatory episodes instead.



  1. Hope your "hand" job will turn out well:)

  2. hahaha handjob instead of home...I am so guilty of doing that kind of stuff all of the time! (lets not talk about the time that I wrote oral instead of open on a work email...)
    When I was living in the states I had the same problem as you- I made decent money but I was ALWAYS broke! When i started making plans to move to ireland I had to start saving money somewhere but I had no clue where I would find the spare. I got a little notebook and starting writing everything down in it- like even a cup of coffee from the gas station and realized how much I was spending on extras like buying lunch instead of bringing it from home and ect. I think one month it added up to something ridiculous as 300 dollars. Once i started to edge that stuff out and making a budget for myself (like limiting myself to 50 dollars at the grocery store that week etc.) I was able to start saving. Not like any of that matters here in ireland haha- we are so broke we dont even have the money to take the toll much less buy lunch out at work! It all works differently for different people cause people use thier money in different ways, but it was one way I found that I was able to figure out how to start saving. (would love for the hubs to start working so I have some spare money to save one day! lol)

  3. LOL at "hand job". I too spend money without knowing how I do it. I think if I looked really hard it would all be spent on little $15-$20 trips into the grocery store for the couple of things I forgot to buy the last time I ran in there for a couple of things I forgot to buy. Sigh.

  4. Love the hand job thing!!

    We're the same way with money - we have no idea where the hell itgoes! We are pretty diligent about putting so much aside for Braxton's stuff, grocerys and such, but then it's just all gone and we haven't goten anything yet! It's frustrating! Now add int he fac that gas is ungodly high, we've had to turn the ac on full blast already and that takes a huge chunk! :(


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