Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I'm Paying It Forward... Giveaway (Today Only)

Yesterday I was broke, like $0.92 in the bank kind of broke, so I sent out this tweet:

'Cause, you know, how dare they be flaunting what they have & I want. Rude much?

Minutes later the lovely Stephanie sent this:

And I thought "aw, that's totally sweet!", but the cynic in me also went, "that's just something people say because they know for a fact it could never happen." (I'm in CA, she's in KY)

Well, she made that cynic her bitch because a few minutes after that tweet, I had a Starbucks e-card from her in my inbox. In yo' face cynic! Stephanie didn't have to do something nice for me yesterday, truth is we've never even met in person, but she did.

I may have not had more than a few pennies in the bank yesterday but today our state refund was deposited into the bank (surprise!) & I can now pass on her good deed to one of you!

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~ Giveaway ~

One random commenter will win a
$5 Starbucks gift card!

How to win:
Leave a comment on this post.
Yep, it's that simple.

Giveaway will end at tonight @ midnight (pst).
Winner will be chosen at random & emailed their e-card.

(Disclosure: This giveaway is not sponsored by anyone but me & my bank account. The Starbucks e-gift card will be e-mailed directly to winner.)

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  1. That is so cool for her to do that for you and for you to pass it on! I love it!

  2. I feel kind of guilty for entering a giveaway in a post where the point was that you were too broke to buy a cup. However, I love the pay-it-forwardness that is this post. <3 Your heart knows no bounds.

  3. The world needs positive people like you.

  4. Ok. Dont count this as an entry, but I wanted to comment. Because Im totally glad that you decided to pass it along! Also I hope you enjoyed that cup and that your reader will enjoy theirs. HUGS!!! <3

  5. You know I can relate, Lin!!!! That was awesome.

  6. that is soo nice. : ) what a sweet thing to do.

  7. That is sweet of Stephanie. Oh the power of e-cards via email. I love how you are paying it forward.

    p.s. - I find that it's the people who you have never met in person are typically the sweetest!

  8. That's so sweet! I'd totally think the same thing though. And I didn't even know they had e-cards! That's awesome!

  9. That was very sweet of her - and sweet of you to pay it forward.

    We still have to get together this year sometime for some ribs and chicken at Lucille's:)

  10. That is so nice of her to do that, paying it forward is even nicer and we should all follow that!! Thanks for the giveaway!

    Esavingsblog at gmail dot com

  11. What a cute post! :] A little Starbucks can go a LONG way!

  12. I could use a hot chocolate today!

  13. Sometimes the internet is a sweet little family community. Thanks for offering to return the favor. Whichever of us wins should pay it forward as well. Thanks.


  14. I am so glad to have 'met' 2 giving women today - WTG Stephanie & Lin!
    tmyoung at rochester dot rr dot com

  15. Thanks for the chance to win!

  16. aww, I love random acts of kindness and pay-it-forward acts! :) :) Thank you!


  17. I saw the cups today at my Starbucks. LOVE!

  18. I got a super cute cup today too! My cousin bought me Starbucks for taking her to work! :)

  19. That is so sweet of her! I literally got goosebumps :) And good for you paying it forward also. Congrats to the winner!


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