Thursday, February 2, 2012

And My TV Addiction Continues To Be Fed...

I haven't really written about TV around these parts lately because I'm afraid it would turn into a 3 page post if I did. Really, I watch that many TV shows.

I'm addicted & I'll be the first to admit it.

But it's not my fault. I'm not the one creating all of these great shows. If you really think about it I'm only helping stimulate the economy because all of those actors/producers/writers/assistants/cleaning crew peeps need jobs. See, I'm basically feeding them by them feeding my addiction.

We're so good together!

I was reading my daily dose of celeb news today when I came across some very awesome news. Showtime is renewing all of my favorite Sunday shows!

Love Kristen Bell & the rest of the cast in this show. Not too funny, not too serious, just business & sex.

Sheer sexy with a side of cocky.

I've never wanted to be white trash more than when I watch this show. Drama, sex, real life issues & a dead beat dad...isn't that everyone's life?

'The Big C' is also getting a few guest stars this season & we finally find out if Cathy's husband, Paul, died after doing a Lindsay Lohan & snorting a bunch of coke in the season finale. I'm really hoping he survived cause he was pretty funny.

Not to mention the ubber hot 'Spartacus' is back on Friday nights. Who needs a date night with a real man when there are tons of naked one's on the show. Rawrrr.

And now I'm going to stoop below many of your levels & whore out my celeb gossip blog. If you haven't visited before, you should.

Really. I mean it, it's...informational with an occasional nsfw photo of Disney's ex-star child doing things to a weenis shaped cake.

If you're not at least a teeny bit curios about this photo then I have no clue what you're doing reading this blog, haha.

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  1. I could talk about tv for WEEKS. Shameless is so awesome..I was watching it with my friend the other day (I don't have showtime so I go over to her house for "Shameless Tuesdays", we watch it on demand and eat and laugh our asses off) and I said "God help me, I actually want to live in that house". And I swear not just so I could maybe see Lips get out of the shower.

    And David Duchovny? Swoon. Hard.

  2. It'd be funny if she was a nobody and her future kids would never see the picture because her sorority friends would destroy the pictures right after they showed them to her for a good laugh. As it is, knowing her celebrity status, it makes her look like a classless idiot, and somebody will post them again, like on her wedding day or some other time when she wants to be treated respectfully or taken seriously.
    Kids just don't think.

  3. I havent seen any of those....I need to get on it!

  4. I love love love Shameless! Got tonight's DVR'd, and I can't wait to watch it tomorrow! I too love TV.


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