Sunday, January 29, 2012

You Didn't Run...

It's 6 years today & you're still here.

Fuck. I guess you weren't' fucking around when when you said you loved me & this was a forever thing.

It feels just like yesterday I was a mouthy 19 year old girl saying I would never be tied down by any man. Then at 20 I met the fella that would change everything...of course it didnt work out & then you came along & I figured 'what the hell?'...just kidding.

This post is to say thanks for sticking it out for this long, lover. There's never a dull moment when I'm with you. And even though you can manage to piss me off like no other, you also make me happier than I've ever been so I figure that cancels all the bullshit out.

You're my best friend. My life partner. My tuna.

And because I'm a super lame (but still very awesomely cool) wife & didnt get you a real gift, you get this -->

You're welcome. And, there's no need to thank me.

Unless of course it's with diamonds. Cause' I'll totally take that.



  1. First of all, congrats on the anniversary, and on the very clever idea of saving money by writing an ode to your lover. You is smart! And second of all, wait till you hit 10 years. You'll be like, "We really are in this. For. Life." No, it's good really. And third of all, if only you knew how often I think, "I really need to go read Lin's blog!" and I don't, and I apologize, 'cause I really do love you and your writing.

  2. Congrats! We hit 6 years in June. :)

  3. Love it! Hope you guys had a very Happy Anniversary!

    You know what. It gets better. Not easier, not less work, but better.

  4. AW!! Happy Anniversary! Heres to many many more! {also, I love you for that Office reference!}

  5. Happy anniversary! I will be celebrating six years in June.

    I love your comment on how happiness and him pissing you off cancels each other out.


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