Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ten On Tuesday

1. I've recently found that watching online TV while at work allows me not only to stay busy but also entertained while trying to ignore my co-workers.

2. Just heard the list of Academy Award nominees. I'm not impressed.

3. It's true.

4. I think I'd rather take a punch to the gut than stub my toe. Holy hell, that hurts!

5. There's a metal button accessory on my shoe that I snagged on something yesterday, causing it to tweak so now every time I walk the fucking turned up edge of metal backing digs into my pinky toe. I've tried fixing it but apparently I need hand tools or some shit.

6. Did you know eating a few marshmallows can help sooth your sore throat? Neither did I! Check it out, this blog post has some other pretty rad "did you know" facts.

7. But mostly the teeny binkini. (yeah, right)

8. A rep from Aflac came to my work to talk us into buying their Accident/Cancer/Screw You Out of Your Money Insurance last week. I was actually tempted to sign up until I started doing the math. According to them, they'd pay me as much as $25 for abrasion/small cuts as long as it was followed by a doctors visit, which costs me $30 (deductible) but then they'd also be charging me $25.89 every two weeks for the insurance...do these assholes really think I can't count? I opted out of it because honestly if I get a paper cut, I'm putting a band-aide on it, not paying my doctor $30 to do it & wasting my time with insurance paperwork for a measly $25 check.

9. I'm constantly tempted to correct people when I hear them say "piture", "Valentimes" and "axed". Learn to pronounce it correctly or don't use it. That is all.

10. I need new blogs to read. It's not that I'm bored with my current 200-something blogs (I love you guys!) but I just need something new in my reader. Don't be stingy, share some of your faves with me ;)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Now it's your turn to get your 10 on Tuesday on...make your list & link up here so we can all check you out!



  1. 1. I just realized I can watch Netflix on my phone. This means nothing new for me, since I don't have a job, but it's interesting information.

    2. Haven't seen any of those. I did read The Help, though and am about to start Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.

    3. True for me too.

    4. Can I avoid doing both?

    5. New shoes, Lin.

    6. This is news that would have been helpful two days ago.

    7. I just pictured myself in a teeny bikini. No ma'am.

    8. Do WHAT?

    9. There's one I want to add, but I can't remember it because it makes me so crazy and I texted Mr. BFG to remind me, but he's all busy working or something to reply.

    10. I have zero recommendations, sadly.

  2. 4. Word.

    7. Those girls are as ugly as shit.

    9. 'Axed' is a big problem for ppl in my hometown. I, however, aced all my phonics tests, so I rule. Heh.

  3. Academy award nominations: bleah.

    A friend of mine from high school is now a professional body builder. It's like someone photoshopped her normal head onto a so-not-normal body. It's freaky.

    And the word thing, geeeeeze. I once dated a guy who not only said the word "supposably" but used it in almost every other sentence. Adios, amigo.

    I wish I had blogs to suggest for you, but my list is small and sad. I'll let you know if I find something awesome.

  4. You crack me up! You have a very similar sense of humor to me and your cartoons LOL! And #8 yeah I swear they as in the MAN all think we are math dumb, I swear I don't know how people fall for their shit!

  5. Hi Lyn, I read your latest comment at Sugar and Cyanide and followed you here. I'm glad I did.

    Number 3 made me giggle and number 7 made me nod like a lunatic.

  6. And, um... sorry about misspelling your name.

  7. 3. - Totally pinned that this week on pinterest. But it was still my 2nd favorite. The first was "I don't hate you, I just hope your next period happens in a shark tank".


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