Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ten On Tuesday

1. This morning started out like crap. I really hope to jeebus it doesn't get much worse. I can't take anymore bullshit. Someone will seriously have a stapler thrown at them if it continues this way.

2. All fucktards please refer to the following image -->

3. My mom's out of the hospital. Yay! However, her court ordered insurance company is refusing to pay for any of her medications so I just had to let my dad borrow $310 (that I really don't have) to pay for 2 medications. *sigh* It will get better, right?

4. I missed the Golden Globes. This is something I was totally upset about until I heard the winners & saw the horrid dress Skeleton Jolie wore...yuck! I suppose re-watching season 1 of semi-nude gladiators fight to the death was a better choice in the end.

5. Why is it that I have a bazillion ideas to write about when I'm no where near my laptop, a pen & paper, or telephone? I totally blame the last 5 non-posting days on that.

6. Being a total bitch to your husband for 2 days in a row because you're hormonal & upset that the pregnancy test was negative is not OK. What is definitely OK is him still holding while you sleep even after you were a bitch. (Although, technically it's less likely of you to strike him while you sleep & he holds you down, so maybe that's why he did it...?)

7. What kind of a pussy ass Captain abandons his ship while it sinks? Didn't that fool watch The Titanic?! A captain sinks with his ship if has too. I guess sometimes it really is everyone for themselves, fuck woman & children.

8. Ha, I need this image on a bag so I can carry around with me everywhere I go.

9. If you haven't watched Sherlock Holmes 2 & were a fan of the first movie, go watch it. It was absolutely "why does it have to end" kind of good.

10. What in Hollywood's hot-mess of a world is Cameron Diaz doing to herself? Her hair color & style is a disaster & that dress is definitely not doing her stick figure any favors. I wonder if maybe she did something to piss off her stylist cause that's got to be the only reason I can think of as to why she's out in public looking like this.

* * * * * * * * *

I know some of you already have your 10 up *cough* Stephanie *cough*, but for those of you who aren't early birds...make your own random 10 on Tuesday lists & link up here so we can all check you out!



  1. OMG! What did Cameron do?!
    I loved Sherlock Holmes 2! It was awesome!
    I'm sorry the pregnancy test was negative... and you were in a bad mood. Maybe next time it's positive?!
    Good luck, girl!

  2. oh by the way, Keep practicing! You'll get that Preggy Test right one day!

  3. 1. Hopefully today DID get better and not worse.
    2. LOL!
    3. Glad she's out of the hospital, but thats terrible that they won't pay for her medicine, thats terribly draining financially.
    4. I missed it too- however some how my 10 year old saw it.
    5. Same thing! Then when I get a chance to be near the computer I cannot for the life of me remember what the topic was... now I make calendar events on my iPhone.
    6. Im sorry it was negative, but Im pretty sure yo married a good one.
    7. I saw this on TMZ this morning, he jumped ship and left?!?! wth? seriously.
    8. Me too!
    9. I haven't even watched the first one, however somehow I managed to BUY it on iTunes lol. Ill have to watch it.
    10. yikes!! What a shame.

    Also- For once I was early on something. Normally I remember that its tuesday seconds before wednesday comes. lol!!!

  4. LOVE the image from #2 ... I need THAT on a bag/shirt :)

  5. The Globes were okay...Ricky G that hosted was funny the only reason we watched. I totally get it about the Preggo test. :) It gets better I promise. I know how you are feeling. But wait until you get that one with a big fat positive! So wonderful. Have a good day!

  6. Sorry the test was negative :( But, I did read this week that it'll take a normal couple 8+ months to get pregnant - not sure how much of that I believe. I mean, if a drunk 16 yr old can knocked up on her first try and all. :P It'll happen, I've got my fingers crossed for ya!

    Me and Rich LOVED the first Sherlock, but never got to go see the 2nd one - see, babies can damper things, lol - but so want to. I adore RDJ.


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