Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ten On Tuesday

1. I'm back bitches! Sorry, you're not really a bitch...all the time. But I am in fact back.

2. If you work in an office you can probably appreciate my hate for monthly office birthday potlucks. I'm signed up to bring muffins in next week & I'm contemplating making them extra nasty just so I won't be asked to make anything again.

3. Got news that my car's going to finally be paid off. Mini yay...I still have to pay $400 out of pocket but I suppose it's better than paying $8,000. For now we're going to continue using my mom's gas guzzler so we can pay off some credit cards with the extra cash...so we say.

4. Can we stop with these posters now, please.

5. Also, can the world shut the fuck up about Beyonce's kid already. She named the baby after a color & Jay Z released a new rap song about his excitement (talk about making money off your kid early on)...move. on.

6. It's my birthday next month & as excited as I am to have a full weekend day that's just about me, I'm not very excited about turning 29. How the hell did I get so old?! I swear there's been some kind of mistake, I'm still 24...

7. Why is it that the more I try to save the more I end up spending? Now that we don't have to make a car payment we should technically have $600 extra a month. Sounds good right? Yeah it is, until some sort of "unexpected" bill comes around or I decided I need a vacation from my 'giving my very young 24-year-old head gray hair' kind of life. Las Vegas anyone?

8. Thank jeebus there's stuff to watch on TV again. Dont those TV people know how damn boring it is to be at home & having nothing to do but clean & watch your husband play video games? Ugh. Talk about inconsiderate. I'm a little disappointed in Greys Anatomy & Private Practice though, they really sucked. Californication was surprisingly good, Once Upon a Time never fails me & Shameless...oh how I love thee.

9. Apparently I think like a 4 yr old.

10. I lost a follower while I was on my break. I can't blame them for leaving, who wants to stick around when nothing's happening, but I can say they're heartless bastards for abandoning me in a time of need. Ha, not really. I could care less. A week ago I would have cared. A lot. But today I say "go forth, find better blogs to read & remember to fuck off".

* * * * * * * * * *

Alright, it's your turn now. Make your own 10 on Tuesday list & link up here so we can all check you out. Come on, you know there's something you want to rant about...



  1. 1. Yippee!--How's your mom doing?

    2. I would buy the mix where all you have to do is add water. So simple!

    3. Yay!

    4. I am so sick of all of these posters.

    5. I agree completely!

    6. You are NOT old!

    7. I have this problem sometimes too. I finally set up auto transfers from my checking to my savings so I wouldn't be tempted by the debit card.

    8. I am excited that the Biggest Loser is back on!

    9. Ha!

    10. It's their loss.

  2. 1. Yeah I am. Especially today.

    2. A monthly potluck? Gross.

    3. Hey, $400 is a lot better than it could be.

    4. Agree.

    5. I rolled my eyes. Over it. ;O)

    6. Hey, my 30's have been great. Enjoy the end of your 20's and embrace what's to come.

    7. Because everything is so effing expensive these days.

    8. Agree. I'm also a huge fan of the new Texas Multi Mamas. Hello drama.

    9. Me too. In fact, I'm fighting the urge to do both.

    10. Meh. Their loss.

  3. 1. Yay! You're back!

    2. Yeah. I LOATHE office pot lucks. with a passion.

    3. Holla for the extra money!

    4. Seriously. I can't stand these posters. What's the point?

    5. Ugh...I heard a bit of that song. Can we say he just threw that shit together?

    6. Birthday weekends where it's all about you ARE fun! And it's even better when you just throw a random age in there ;)

    7. us to. F-ing dryer needed to be fixed.

    8. I heart David Duchovny.

    9. Ditto.

    10. I lost 2. What's the deal, lol

  4. 1. Yay! I was checking every couple of days, hoping you'd sneak in a post.

    2. I dread working in an office again. But then again, you guys probably don't have too much head lice going around, right?? Grass is ALWAYS greener.

    3. Use the cash wisely...paying credit cards down is very wise.

    4. This made me guffaw out loud. I HATE THOSE THINGS! They were cool for about 10 minutes, when they were coffee mugs. I knew when I saw them with "Glee" themes the end of the world was nigh.

    5. Oooh they had a baby. Yawn. Can't wait to see her "flaunt her post-baby bod" in US next month.

    6. Like John Cougar once sang, "Hold on to 29 as long as you can"....wait, that was 16. Nevermind.

    7. The more there is, the more gets spent. Period.

    8. Halle-freaking-luja. I was so desperate for fresh t.v. I watched CSI Miami.

    9. Nathanial forgot "stab" and "kick".

    10. LOL..I have 50 followers. I pretty much know where they all live...they're too scared to leave.

    SO GLAD you're back!!!

  5. Did we both make a comeback to the blogging scene at the same time??? I just started blogging again after a two week hiatus.

    I love this Ten of Tuesday because you came back with a vengeance.

    I absolutely can't stand all the tweeting/news about Beyonce's child. I am truly a Beyonce hater so hearing about Blue Ivy made it ten times worse. Everyone in this world needs to stop, there are more important things happening.

    I am with you on the Keep On posters and paraphernalia. I wasn't a fan to begin with but you can make up your own, like, Keep Calm and move the F*ck Along.

    When is your birthday? Do tell!

    Glad you are back! Happy New Year bitches, lol!

  6. Office potlucks are okay, if done in moderation. But monthly potlucks! Hellz no! That gets old quick!

    And who is this Beyonce you speak of? Eh, never mind - who cares? I actually read a (semi)celeb tweet about how this baby is the "most epic baby ever" - even over Jesus. The tweet said something like - Dear God: please forgive me but Blue is the most epic baby EVER. And, ummm, that's just wrong. I was disgusted. But I'll forgive this chick for her stupidity cuz I'm a Christian. But that doesn't mean I'll continue to follow her.

  7. #1 I totally use that word as a term of endearment too.


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