Thursday, January 19, 2012

Replying To Comments Just Got Easier...I'm Not Doing It Though

There are two ways to reply to the comments people leave on your blog:

1. In another comment on your post.

2. Via email (aka: the better way).

Yeah, it's probably easy to tell which I prefer.

But for those of you who like replying to comments in your own comment section, Blogger has made it even easier for you. Now you can click a 'Reply' button under the comment you want to reply too & it'll begin a thread-type comment.

So no more using @name & hoping they'll piece together that you're replying to their comment. Now they'll know for sure because it's right under the one they left you. Unless they're morons, because then there's just no hope for them.
Here's how to change it in 4 easy steps:

(click here to enlarge)

I know a ton of bloggers are now gonna be changing it to this because for some odd reason they like responding in the damn comments section but I won't. As a reader of around 500 blogs, I don't have the time or willpower to go back & check the comments sections to see if & what they replied to my one comment.

To be completely blunt, I just don't care that much. Sorry.

Personally I prefer to reply to my comments via email & like it when other bloggers do the same. The way I see it, if I don't like going on a wild goose chase for comment reply then why would I make others do it? Also, it's super easy & less time consuming because I'm already reading their comment in my email...look, the reply button is right there!

However, there are still some peeps out there that have their profile set to private, making it so they can't receive a nifty little email reply from me because I can't see their email. Know what I see? This --> "No-Reply@Blogger", staring at me in the address bar. Yuck! It hurts my retinas.
So if you have a minute, please please please check your settings & make sure you're not of these 'no-reply' losers. Honestly, why would you want to miss out on my awesome response to your comment?!

Here's how to check/change it in 4 easy steps:

- From Blogger Dashboard, click Edit Profile

(click here to enlarge)

Alrighty, I think I've just about hit my helpful quota for the day so if you'll excuse me I'm going to go kill some brain cells with some celebrity gossip.


Guess I'm not done being helpful just yet...

*Note: If you have a customized blog template (like I do) the reply feature may not work but you can try getting around it by doing this.

**Another Note: Marla made a really good point in her comment (check it out, it really makes sense), so I'm re-thinking this thread thing. However, I'll let you guys know right now that I won't be using it to reply to your comments. That will still happen via email. I'm sticking to my email guns dammit. *stomps foot*



  1. Ditto.

    I rarely go back and check. I have no desire to go back through 50 comments trying to find mine and then find a reply. Bah.

    I'm with you. Email.

  2. Thanks for this great tip. I've made the changes you suggested. I am the same as you, once I leave a comment, I don't go back to see if th blogger replied. It is so much better if they reply via email.

  3. Ha ha, I guess I was one of those no-reply losers all without knowing it... I hope it will make you happy to see that I changed it:)

  4. I don't return to look for a comment either. I think it's a bit selfish to not reply to me directly either in my blog or email me. I have enabled my email address and all comments go to my email so I can reply from my inbox.

  5. Look at you taking the time to help out us silly people. You know, I have never replied to a comment, I don't think. Hmm...maybe I should give it a try.

    PS--I have a givaway happening on blog if you are into scrapbooking. :)

  6. If I may, might I offer you another reason to switch to threaded commenting? Don't hate on me. You can do whatever you want, after all. And I won't *not* leave comments, so whatever.

    But a lot of ppl like to reply back to comments - not just the author of the post. So, threaded comments increase the conversation rate inside your posts. You may not want to reply to your comments, but maybe the person who did the commenting will return to see if someone else did. And by their returning, it has increased your traffic. And increased traffic brings increased advertising possibilities.

    Ok, shutting up now. ;p


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