Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Ten On Tuesday

1. Christmas was pretty awesome. I got everything I wanted: Nook Color w/awesome case, season 1-3 of Sex & the City, bucket of popcorn, Bridesmaids movie, pair of stripped gloves, 2 B&N gift cards (1 from the in-laws & 1 from Jessica), and a fantabulous Starbucks gift card from the amazing M.

2. Speaking of bucket of popcorn...wtf is up with them filling that bucket with a ton of caramel popcorn? My cavities can't handle that shit. In the name of all cavities I suggest they start filling it with more of that delicious white cheddar popcorn. Hot damn, it's so delicious!

3. This was my Monday...

All day. No shower. Little to no real food & some white wine. You know you're jealous.

4. Sometimes I really hate my extended family. Seeing them on Christmas only helped remind me why I stay away from those jack asses all year long.

5. I'm so excited about going to the OC NYE Block Party on Saturday night. Food trucks + live music + me & Rusty = Awesomeness beyond awesomeness, with a side of pepto-bismal.

6. My mom's doing a little better. Thank you all for your well wishes, I love you more than I could ever say out loud. She's not great but she's alive & inching her
way to better health day by day and that's all we could ask for.

7. I have some giant expectations for 2012. Bastard better live up to it or it's asking for a major ass kicking.

8. I've seen Rusty do this too many times to count -->

9. If I could physically inflict pain on the people handling my GAP insurance claim I would. I have such a hatred for them right now. Fuckers.

10. I got some fabulous Christmas cards from my bloggy buddies this year but if there was an award for the most kick ass card, I'd have to give it to M, my Canadian (attitude) twin, for her hilarious card -->

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Hope you all had a great Christmas!
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  1. great gifts and that last card is hilarious!

  2. I'm so happy you got everything you wanted for christmas! bucket of popcorn....i forgot about those! so nice!! you should buy some white chedder popcorn and make it a never ending bucket lol
    Im jealous of your monday.....just saying.
    Yeah i feel you on that family thing. I get along with my in-laws great but my own family....oy vey.
    the block party sounds awesome....i'm kinda jealous, all of my friends are going over to a house and there is a certain person who lives in said house that i'm having issues with. so I can either have an evening on my own or go and be fakely nice to have NYE plans.
    I'm so happy your mom is doing better! I hope she can come home soon!
    Man I hope you get your new car soon! its been forever!
    I love that christmas card!I can never find funny ones like that!

  3. 1. Whoo-hoo for everything on your list! Also. You can now be my Nook Friend!

    2. We got two big buckets of popcorn and I haven't opened them yet. Mostly because I'm pretty sure I would spend EVERY day like your Monday.

    3. Which means your Monday was awesome.

    4. Um. Amen.

    5. Sounds super fun!

    6. Glad to hear your mom is doing better. Lots and lots of happy thoughts being sent her way.

    7. Again. Amen.

    8. Tee hee. Nerd humor is awesome.

    9. I probably have zero power to actually do anything but I've got some mad rude letter writing skills if ya need them.

    10. My dad sent me that card for my birthday (only it didn't say Christmas). It made me LOL! Glad you got my Christmas card, by the way. It took me for-ev-er to get them back.

  4. That card is hysterical! Have fun at the block party, dear!

    Happy New Year (in a few days)!!

    megs [at] Shine On

  5. You're the second person I know who mentioned getting SATC on DVD! I want it! And yum, I could eat cheese popcorn 24/7, only pausing to get the congealed semi-solid cheese crud off my fingers.

    Glad you had a nice Christmas Lin, and sorry about the asshat relatives. That's one reason we celebrate the day with minimum family involvement.

    And that card was hilarious.

  6. 1. i love bridesmaids!
    2. i've always felt that way. plus the cheddar is FAR better tasting than the caramel.
    3. looks peaceful to me
    4. AMEN!
    5. have FUN!
    6. glad she's doing better...i must have missed the post...sorry she hasn't been well.
    7. me too...me too.
    8. we always use them as swords or soemthing!
    9. :-/
    10. funny!

    have a great week lady!

  7. This was a delightful post and that card will keep me smiling through the morning. I am new to your blog and took some extra time to browse through your earlier posts. I'm so glad I did that. I really enjoyed the time I spent here and I'll definitely be back. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  8. I want to collected all the SATC seasons too. I only have season 5 (I think). I started collecting Beverly Hills 90210 and only have two seasons.

  9. Can you tell that I'm even more behind on my blog reading than my blog writing? *sheepish*

    AWESOME Christmas presents! I also got an ereader - not a Nook, though I really want one. Apparently Canadians don't deserve Nooks or Kindle touches (is it just my mind, or did that sound a little dirty??). I got a Kobo, which, in case anyone is in Canada and thinking of getting an ereader, is very disappointing. Got a Sony ereader which is much better so far, but was very disappointed about the Nook! :(

    As always, sending your mom get well thoughts!

    The light saber thing - awesome!

    Damn insurance. Never just works like it should. Hope that comes together really soon so you can stop being stressed about it!

    So glad you liked the card - I saw it and just thought of you. I had a lot of fun picking it out! ;)



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