Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ten On Tuesday

1. I'm typing this post in the new blogger layout & I gotta say, it's really creeping me out. I don't like the cleanliness of it all.

2. I should have known not to get too excited about Christmas. Turns out my mom has to have back surgery again sometime this week. Her stupid spine decided it didn't like the feeling of relief so it pushed another (bigger) disk onto her nerves, causing massive pain & semi paralysis. I don't ask for this often but please keep her in your prayers. For me. Thanks.

3. Because of the above mentioned issue we never got around to making Tamales for Christmas dinner. Rusty wants to make a 1/2 ham since it's just gonna be us, my lil bro & dad but with everything that's going on I'm thinking Christmas pizza sounds worry free.

4. I knew it wasn't just me being a smart ass -->

5. I noticed my leggings had two smallish holes in the inner thigh section while putting them on yesterday. Any normal person probably would have taken them off, I shrugged and left them on. That's right, I'm that girl.

6. Cookies automatically make everything better, right? I think I'll attempt to make Tollhouse chocolate chip cookies on Friday.

7. You have no idea how many times I've had to say this to Rusty. I'm one ferocious beast when I'm hungry.

8. I swore to jeebus you'd never find me doing it. But I do...all the time. For hours on end. That's right, I've been sucked into the newest beautified hell hole that is Pinterest. *bows head in shame*

9. The smell of microwaved left over chicken is disgusting. Someone filled the office with it's stench yesterday & I was tempted to go punch them in the gut.

10. This is pretty rad. It even seems idiot proof enough to where I might try it one day. (This is the shit Pinterest is doing to me. Fuck.)

* * * * * * * * * * *

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  1. Sorry to hear about all the pain your mom's having and the upcoming surgery right at Christmastime. :( Prayers ✓.

    Also, re:#7, I'm going to share with you something I've never shared outside the four walls of my home. Ready? My husband has this term for me whenever I get mad hungry, and I've learned to accept and even embrace it ➝ "Grumpy hungry." Wow! I feel so free now that I've told somebody. It's amazing!

  2. sending prayers for your mama!! happy tuesday!

    megs [at] Shine on

  3. 1. I don't think I have encountered this yet. If I have, I didn't notice.

    2. That sucks! I will keep her in mind!

    3. You can always do chili or soup too. I know of some people who do that.

    4. haha!

    5. I am that girl too!

    6. Yummy! Cookies are always good!

    7. I am too. No worries

    8. Isn't it great?! I find myself spending hours on it a week. I have found some pretty cool things though.

    9. Do it! :)

    10. This is kind of cool!

  4. Hope your mum will be all right, why does stuff like that have to happen at Christmas time.
    About the leggings... well I'm right now wearing jeans with a hole on the inner thigh... hey I wasn't going anywhere today, they are comfy and my favorite, so yeah I am going to wear them... though not out of the house:)
    Merry Christmas, hope it will be a good one after all!

  5. Aw man, I'm sorry to hear that about your Mom. I hope the surgery goes well and the pain goes away!

    I like Christmas Pizza. Why not make it a tradition? My in-laws have chinese food for Turkey Day.

    I'm a mega bitch when I'm hungry. I've warned The Hubs so he should know when to feed me lol

  6. You mom is def in my thoughts and prayers. I hope all goes well!

  7. I will definitely be praying for your Mom, I really hope everything turns out okay for her! And if I was closer, I would so make you Christmas dinner. You shouldn't have to have pizza! Hang in there and I hope you have a Merry Christmas despite it all.

  8. 1. New layout? I posted about this a while ago. Super scary, very Big-Brothery. You can keep the old Blogger format, let me know if you need tips. I can try to remember how I did it.

    2. Prayers for Linny's mom? DONE. And extra ones will be sent when I'm back in session with my confirmation girls.

    3. Christmas pizza? Sounds excellent. I'm going to make a half ham, with roadside potatoes and punch. Let me know if you want the recipe.

    4. Pfffffffffffffffffffft. Love you.

    5. Have I told you lately that I love you? I do.

    6. If by "cookies" you mean "red wine" I am right there with you.

    7. My kids know two things: don't wake me when I'm super tired, and don't eff with me when I'm super hungry. We don't want to know what happens.

    8. Pinterest? WTF??? I was just about to start a blog post about this shit when I read your post, and that viral post that Elf Shelf bitch posted.

    9. Punch them.

    10. Not even going to watch this shit. I see a taut pinterest bitch, making some homemade goodness. And I hate her already.

  9. I got use to the new blogger layout right from the start. What annoys me is the new layout for google reader. I find it soooo slow.

    I jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon a few months ago. I am not on it every day but I find it fun and well...interesting.


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