Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ten On Tuesday

1. I'm feeling a little guilty about not posting on here since last week, that's a totally normal blogger feeling right? (please say yes, even if it's a lie)

2. Blog reading. I love it but lately I haven't found any time to do it. I sort of feel like I'm ignoring you all & that's where the guilt sets in...a lot. Don't blame me, blame the asshole driver that got my car totaled & has me dealing with insurance companies. And because of this don't think it's strange when you see me finally commenting on your 2wk old posts.

3. Chick-fil-A can do no wrong in my eyes. If you're going to try something new this month, make sure it's their Chocolate Peppermint milk shake. OMG this thing is a minty mouth orgasm, no lie.

4. Staring directly at my husband & making no eye contact with me as he's introducing us not only makes you one of the rudest people I've ever met but also immediately puts you on my bitch list. Forever.

5. I swear to jeebus Christmas parties are the new Halloween. They're just another excuse for the skanks to prance around in the skaniest and act like an annoying college girl, while blaming the booze...keep it Hollywood Blvd.classy for the coworkers girls. Lord knows people need something to talk & blog about later ;)

6. In case you all were wondering -->

7. Lately I've realized I take my husband for granted. I'm a total bipolar sarcastic biatch who's somewhat of a nitpicking perfectionist...no lie, I probably would have left myself a long time ago. Dude's a trooper, he must be rewarded.

8. Bahahaha! This is exactly how I picture her telling it. You know, cause she totally looks like a moron.

9. Christmas tree...do you have yours up yet? Our isn't. Honestly, I'm too lazy to go out & find one that's going to cost my broke ass less than $45. And before you tell me to buy a fake one, I can't. I love the real tree smell. So yeah, I guess you say, technically, I don't have a tree because my lazy broke ass has expensive taste.

10. Hot naked gladiators, fighting, blood, gore & drama. Yes please!

* * * * * * * * *

Make your own 10 on Tuesday list. You know there's random crap you want to get out of your brain so do it. The best part is, we actually want to read it.

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  1. 1. Don't feel guilty. I mean, I can tell you that, but the truth is I feel guilty too. It happens.

    2. See above. Also. What the heel happened to your car?!?!

    3. Amen. I love Chick-fil-A.

    4. Ugh. I hate it when women do that. My husband constantly gets gawked at (he's pretty hot), especially if we go out to eat. The waitress is always like, "oh, hey there...can I get you anything" and I'm always like, "yeah I'd like a salad" and she's all like "cool it, bitch, I'm trying to hook up with this hot married guy."

    5. Yup.

    6. LOVE!

    7. Me too. But, they love us anyway.

    8. ROFLMAO!

    9. Went with the fake tree this year. Because trees are $90 now. Thanks Texas drought!

    10. Meh. But, hey, you have fun with that!

  2. chick fil-a freakin' rocks. love their oreo shake!

    megs [at] Shine On

  3. 1. Don't worry, I still like you.

    2. It makes me smile when I see your name pop up.

    3. Too bad I don't have a Chick-fil-A near me. :(

    4. In the words of Stephanie Tanner, "How rude!"

    5. Keep it classy. They can be too much fun to make an ass out of yourself.

    6. Totally agree!

    7. He must be a great guy!

    8. Oh, gee

    9. Yes! I have put up 5! I actually just finished one in my office.

    10. Ooh! Yes please!

  4. I think I will do this because I don't have enough thoughts for a full blog post. Plus I'm extremely sleep deprived right now. Ha!

  5. 1. give yourself a break through this busy season. i do feel guilty...but i have not had time to sit down with my computer & write in a long time.

    2. yep. this is me too. good luck with the car situation :(

    3. sounds fantastic, we dont have a chick-fil-a

    4. bwahaha - yes!

    7. sounds like you and i could be bffs.

    9. definitely have our tree up. only because its a fake - i hate fakes, he loves them...one thing i compromised with.

  6. Ima do ten on tuesday becuase i am the WORST blogger and am terrible at blogging regularly....so this is perfect! dont feel guilty for not having anytime....the most wonderful time of year (the holidays) also happens to be the busiest/most stressful...who are these people who thinks the holidays are so great? i want to hurt them.
    Anyways buy a fake tree!! it will cost you the same as a real tree and you only have to buy one like every 5 years versus every year....just get that pine tree smell and stick it near the tree lol!
    and not making eye contact? talk about RUDE. hello social conventions?? even if you dont care/like someone you pretend....its called being nice!! she would be on my bad list as well!
    I too love chic-fil-a. It is very high on my to do list when i get home. including taco bell. oh taco bell- why cant you be an international company...
    love the e-card! should start printing these out and sending them passive aggressively to people I wanna punch....:)

  7. 1. Totally

    2. Insurance companies are hell!!

    3. I think I'm going to try this tomorrow!

    4. Wow. That's just RUDE. What the hell?!

    5. Seriously. The company party is not the new Frat Party.

    6. Seriously?! lol

    7. Ditto

    9. We're in the same boat so we went to Lowe's/Home Depot and bought a table top tree for $12.50 since I wasn't about to go out and buy a fake one. Where or where do I store that thing?!

  8. 1. Yes. And I'm not even lying.

    2. It's okay. You're allowed to have a real life too.

    3. Never had it. Want it.

    4. I hate when girls do that. Somehow guys don't tend to notice, either.

    5. So true.

    6. Also true.

    7. I think the same thing of my long-suffering guy. Haven't yet figured out what's an appropriate reward for that, since I can't afford his own private yacht complete with swimming pool. Hmmm. Tricky.

    8. HA!

    9. We're not even allowed real trees in our building cos they're fire hazards. Probably just as well since there's no room for one in our teeny tiny living room anyway.

    10. Interesting. Will have to check this out. ;)

  9. it's been so busy lately that i always feel like i'm catching up with reading blogs. but, i'm okay with that. a lot of times, i get caught up reading, but not commenting. i guess i don't always comment but most of the time, i read :) amen to hot gladiators.

  10. I'm always busy... and I stopped visiting other blogs... but look what I'm doing! And yes feel guilty about not posting for a week. I feel guilty for not doing it at least once a day hahaha. It's a bloggers curse.

    Okay I want a Chick a Fil near me now.

    Oh! You saw my Christmas tree... the big huge one. It only cost $50. You need to find a good place that sells them. :)

  11. Yum, that shake looks amazing! I'm not sure if you have a Cook-Out by you, but they have my favorite shakes by far.

  12. I had over 375+ in my google reader. I am now down to 100+. I don't have time to comment on every single one but I am selecting a few and catching up on commenting since I don't feel like working.


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