Wednesday, December 14, 2011

2 Broke Girls...Broke My Willpower

I wanted to hate them.

The lame jokes, canned laughter, their sometimes annoying ass voices and the blondes giant schnoz...I wanted to hate them all. But alas these girls broke me.

Out of sheer boredom I watched all the episodes and well into the 4th one I thought for sure I was ready to jump off the nearest bridge but I fought through it & finally after the 6th or 7th...not really sure...episode, it happened, I laughed out loud.

And all it took was one pocket sized Asian man named Han.

One thing I for sure love is Max's attitude, no lie, it's like watching myself, but there's something about the show that I just can't stand. Maybe it's because it's a bit annoying. Somewhat boring. Not always funny.

Either way I just couldn't stop watching & I'm bound to do this to myself on a weekly basis from now on. I'm tellin' you, it was like fucking eyeball crack.

Have you seen the show? Do you love it or hate it?



  1. Love it! From episode #1.

    Now, New Girl? I'll pass, thanks.

  2. I wish I had american TV. I wanna see all the new shows....maybe I should download this and see what its all about!

  3. I like it. It cracks me up. Max is hilarious and says exactly what I am thinking.

  4. I watched one episode, and the dark haired one made me LOL when she shooed a flock of hipsters out of the restaurant by saying "Hurry, the Apple Store closes at 10!" I haven't watched since but only because I kind of forgot about it. Now that it has your sort-of-stamp of approval I'll give it a try!


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