Thursday, November 10, 2011

Too Much Phone For Me...

So most of you already know that I got myself a new handy dandy grown up phone over the weekend (btw, if you want to read about my bad shopping experience for it go here) and it's all nifty and stuff but there's only one problem...

I have no freakin' clue what to do on it. You know, other than use it to make calls.

I really hate to admit this but it's just too much phone for me. I know for a fact I'm not using it to it's full potential (something that would for sure make my nerd husband all sorts of sad). I'm not gonna lie to you guys, my last phone was super dumbed down.

Like a 5 yr old could use it without any help kinda dumbed down.

It consisted of 1 task bar with like 12 options, a key pad & some very straight forward buttons (i.e. call, hang up, OK, speaker). Now I have this techy touch screen thing with a zillion different apps (did you know there's a vibrator app? Yes, ma'am!), a menu with as many options as a restaurants', and a camera that takes better photos than any camera I've ever had.

These are my current cool kid apps:

I know, by the looks of my apps I'm either 16 or 45. Leave me alone.

So my question to you all helpful peeps is...what cool (or non cool, I don't judge) apps do you have that I should have?


Note: The Google maps app has to be the best thing that ever happened to me. This thing helped me avoid a major traffic jam the other day. Being as it normally takes me 50 mins to get home, I value any millisecond I don't have to spend in that car, on that damned freeway. Fellow commuters, you know what I'm talkin' bout.



  1. I always seem to be on the computer just as you post your blog. ha! Anyway, I clicked on the link to hear about your shopping experience and was thrilled to see a real picture of you! Girl, you are cute!! Good luck with the new phone. I stick to the 'super dumbed down' ones myself. I'm too scared to try the fancy ones.

  2. My favorite App is "around me" I can find gas stations, coffee shops, banks, ATMs, etc just by using my location. And I'm a bit of a nerd, so I like NPR's App.

    *totally jealous of the Gogle Map app. I need that.

  3. Somehow you know that there's a vibrator app, but yet you don't have a Twitter one? Install that one STAT, yo! Also: Google Plus, & Facebook (if you must). Then, of course, Groupon, Living Social, Starbucks, and finally Yelp (for restaurant reviews). Start with those. :)

  4. i am gonna assume you got the iphone? if that is the case, i LOVE instagram. lovelovelove it. and if you get it, find me: whimsicallife

  5. I spy angry birds and E!online :D
    Get a cool kids camera effects thingy like instagram for droid..makes photo taking that much fun!


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