Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Turkey Leftover Recipes...Mexican Style

That turkey may be all nice & frozen right now but in about a day or two you'll be wishing you'd never seen that giant bird in your kitchen. And, if you're anything like my dad, you'll be telling us to get all evidence of it out of the house before he hurls. Haha...yeah, he can be pretty dramatic.

But the truth is there's no reason why you should let that meat go to waste. Hell no, that's good money right there. All you really have to do is reinvent it & toss it into other food. Sort of like you have to do when those darn kids won't eat their vegetables.

Here are some of my favorite ways to use leftover Thanksgiving turkey -->

Green Chile Turkey Enchilada Casserole

You need: Shredded turkey, corn tortillas, Las Palmas Green Enchilada Sauce, Mexican cheese mixture, and medium baking dish. (optional: onion, olives)

Directions: Pour 1/3 cup of enchilada sauce on bottom of baking dish, lay single layer of tortillas flat on bottom of baking dish, top with shredded turkey, cheese (& extras), and coat with more enchilada sauce. Repeat until you reach top of baking dish. Bake at 350 degrees F for about 45 mins.

Tacos Dorados (Taquitos)

You need: Corn tortillas, shredded turkey, garlic, chopped onions, cooking oil (your choice), sour cream, chopped lettuce, diced tomatoes. (optional: cheese, salsa, salt, pepper)

Directions: Heat oil in skillet, add onion & garlic, saute until aromatic (stir often). Add shredded turkey, mix & allow to cook together for 5 or so mins & put aside. Place tortillas in ziplock bag, microwave for 30-45 seconds. Top each tortilla with turkey mix & roll into taquito. Place taquito seem side down on floil-lined baking sheet & brush taquito with a bit of veggie oil. Bake all taquitos until filling is heated through & tortillas are light brown (8-12 mins). Serve hot & top with sour cream, lettuce, salsa & cheese.

Turkey Fajitas

You need: Chopped turkey, red/green/yellow sliced bell peppers, sliced onion, minced garlic, salt & black pepper (to taste), 1 thinly sliced jalapeno, olive oil & tortillas. (optional: sour cream, salsa, diced avocado)

Directions: Heat oil in skillet, add onion, garlic, peppers, jalapeno & cook until caramelized a bit (about 5 mins). Add in turkey, salt & black pepper and cook on high until a bit brown (5-8 mins). Warm tortillas, place fajita mix in middle & top with extras. *note: make it easy on yourself & buy fajita blend frozen veggies.

So there you have it, things you can do with your leftover bird other than toss it down the garbage disposal or let it rot in your trash can. And as an authentic Mexican I can vouch for these recipes being really freakin' good. And of most importantly, easy.

Lord knows you don't want to be stuck in the damn kitchen after Thursday. Good luck guys!



  1. These sound delicious! Will have to remember them.

  2. yum, yum & more yum.

    Happy Thanksgiving-Eve!

    megs [at] Shine On

  3. MMMMM sounds really good....wish we had more mexican food over here. I might have to go to lins house for leftovers!

  4. Okay this isn't fair, we just had dinner and you just made me hungry again!

  5. Are you cooking these? I'll be right over!

  6. We always eat at my sister's house and she never sends leftovers home with me darn it.

  7. Ooh nice. I like the idea of reinventing the food, instead of eating the same way over and over. but to be honest, I don't like thanksgiving turkey. LOL I always have my own little meal.


  8. This almost makes me wish I ate meat. And that it was Thanksgiving in Canada. ;)


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