Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ten On Tuesday

1. I only have to get through today & tomorrow & I don't have to be back to work until next Tuesday. Fuck yeah!

2. I can't wait for the next Breaking Dawn movie to come out. Not because I actually want to watch that no talent/one expression actress but because it'll finally be over. Finally.

3. You can bet your sweet behind that this will be made this weekend...yum!

4. Out of my gazillion pet peeves I've recently noticed that there's one that irks me beyond belief. I can honestly say I'd like to strangle every person who exclaims "I have a new blog up!" because in reality you don't have a new "blog" up, you have a new "blog post" up. Get it right dammit.

5. Screw Thanksgiving turkey, bring on the ham!

6. Oh, don't even pretend to act like you've never done this before. I actually did it the other night because I was to lazy to walk up the stairs to our bedroom.

7. Question: E -book readers, worth it or kind of a waste?

8. My life's been so boring lately, I'm not even lying when I say it consists of work, driving, eating, watching tv, playing on my phone, occasional blog post reading & sleeping. That's it. So if you've been wondering why the posts around this place have been scarce...well, now you know the reason. Unless of course you'd like to read about how much I suck at Words w/Friends or hate traffic? No? Didn't think so.

9. Speaking of phones & blog post reading: I've noticed a lot of the blogs I read don't have their nifty mobile template activated in blogger...why? It's super simple & as a (sometimes) mobile reader I'm going to be totally blunt with you, if I can't read it in the mobile template I skip it. I heart you guys big time, don't make me skip yours.

(click here to enlarge)

10. You'd think that finding a photo to place on a Christmas card would be generally easy as Rusty & I are two very photogenic people (yeah right) but no lie, it took me almost 3hrs to find & edit a photo of us to use. And, you know what I ended up using? A picture taken by a cell phone camera at Friday's concert outing. Yep, I'm definitely keeping it classy up in here. And in case you haven't heard, I'm being super duper giving this year & offering to send you a very small gift for Christmas.

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  1. #7 Ebook readers are worth it if you don't have any space to store actual books. I love my ereader. I thought i would miss real books but I don't, unless it is a coloured coffee book.

    #8 My life is really boring too but I kinda like it. I really should catch up or even store sleep.

  2. Just for you I now activated my mobile template:) I didn't even know you could do that, but then again I'm not really into using my phone for anything besides texting and calling, yeah I haven't entered the new millennium yet;)

  3. #2 So funny and so true.
    As for the Ebook reader, I treated myself to the new Kindle Fire and I adore it. It's what I would choose, if I could only keep one possession. It's amazing!

  4. I'm sort of kicking myself that I already went to the store and bought ingredients and now I want to make that delicious beauty this weekend. Hmmm...maybe I'll have to brave the supermarket soon.

    I love ham. Why are we ALL about turkey?

    I suck at Words with Friends too but seriously, I want to play with you!

  5. 1. Hells yeah!

    2. Ugh. Yeah, I really am not that into it (did see Breaking Dawn, though at midnight with friends and felt like ass ever since), but I'll be glad when we can all move on. And start anticipating The Hunger Games!

    3. That shit? Good. Thanks Pinterest!

    4. Hmmm. I might do that?

    5. I'm a turkey gal.

    6. Totally do that.

    7. I have a Nook Color and I love it. It doubles as a tablet (they're adding apps all the time), so it's been nice in a pinch with the kids. I also love that I can go into Barnes & Noble on any given day and read anything on their shelves for free.

    8. I kinda wanna read about that stuff. I rock at WWF!

    9. I have no effing clue what you're talking about.

    10. Oh! Me! Me! I want one!

  6. I love and adore my nook color! It's really good for me especially since i read so much and usually i was packing like 3 or 4 books for a weekend up north and now I have them all right at my finger tips. Plus all the awesome apps :) I have Angry Birds & Angry Birds Rio, Solitare, Uno and a bunch of other stuff :)

  7. 1) Whoo Hoo!

    2) Don't forget, like the last Harry Potter, Breaking Dawn is a two part movie and only first part came out on Friday. So sorry.

    3) That looks yummy

    4) totally agree

    5) We actually have both

    6) Oh, that's sad.

    7) I have the same question

    8) it's okay, mine isn't too exciting either. :)

    9) Hmm...I will have to check this.

    10) Can't wait to see it!

  8. I'm not too crazy about the turkey either. It's all the scrumptious side dishes that make me gain 20 lbs in late November of every year.

    Also: I hope ppl will listen to you about mobile templates. Next week, you should totally tell them to make sure their feed is set to full. Cuz me + partial feeds = skip to the next blog.

  9. First- VACATION! F- YEAH!

    Second- Trade some Ham for some Turkey?

    Third- YES! omg YES- blog POST people, POST! How hard is that to say? Seriously!?!?

  10. 1. *jealous*
    2. I will watch them. But not in the theatres with all the screaming teenagers and where I can't drink and make snide comments.
    3. Yum.
    4. I haven't heard that one, but any inaccuracy like that will drive me bananas. Like really need help getting there.
    6. I've been known to do something like that....
    7. I was going to get one, because I love to read but can't carry books around anymore after back surgery. But then I got an Android phone and downloaded the Kobo app - though you get less words per page, it really does work quite well, so I'm not sure I need to spend the extra money on an e-reader. Also all the classics are free.

    8. Right there with ya. In hibernate mode.

    9. Done! Thanks for the tip - sorry 'bout that - still learning my way around this whole blogging thing!

    10. I've often found that sometimes the best photos are the ones that aren't supposed to be. C'est la vie. SUPER EXCITED ABOUT CHRISTMAS CARDS!

    xo M.

  11. totally went mobile...still on the list (wink wink. nudge nudge. say no more say no more.)


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