Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ten On Tuesday

1. The Hunger Games: I tried reading the first chapter of the book & instantly thought it was a giant snorefest however the trailer for the movie...yowza, it looks really good. I'm not saying I'll give the book another go but I will most definitely be watching the movie.

2. Having an extra day off is almost as fun as having amazingly selfish sexy time.

3. This weekend had so much potential for greatness but thanks to an unlicensed/uninsured jackass driver I had to deal with having my car towed, filing an insurance claim, getting a rental car, and leaving $100 mandatory deposit for it (cause you know, I have SO much money laying around). Here's how I spent most of my Saturday -->

4. Driving a black pimped out Dodge Charger makes me feel like an instant doucher. No lie, I feel like I need huge bug eyed sunglasses, big hooped earring & a bump-it to go with the car.

5. I received a very unexpected call from a very unexpected person yesterday, she offered to help me out monetarily because of all the shit I have going on right now. I love her with all my big-o blog heart for reaching out to me even though we barely know each other, she did something not even my family has done. (Thanks sweets, you're giant heart never ceases to amaze me!)

6. Starbucks is having their famous "Buy 1 Get 1 FREE" Holiday Drink promotion! Stop by your local 'bucks (douchey right? blame the car) November 17 - 20 from 2 - 5pm to get yours...I know I will.

7. Yes indeed.

8. I may or may not be totally addicted to Hanging with Friends. I have yet to play Words with Friends but if it's as fun as the other one then you guys may never hear from me again. Damn thing is addicting. Addicting I tell ya! (play w/me, I'm linthegreat)

9. As much as I try to buckle down & pre-schedule blog posts I can't for the life of me stick to it. I know there are bloggers out there that will write 2-10 future posts but I just can't do it. There's something about putting out live meaningful & real posts. The way I see it is if I feel something now, I want you guys to read about now, not in 4 days...

10. Thanksgiving is next week...holy shit, I'm not ready. Well I'm ready to scarf down all that food but definitely not ready to cook it all. If at all possible, send a talented chef my way please. Thanks.

* * * * *

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  1. i am soo sorry to hear about your car! that is awful!!! gotta love when people who shouldnt be driving are on the road :-(

  2. 7. I think I'm going to get that tattooed on my forehead. It'd be totally worth the blank stares.

    That truly sucks about your car. :( When it rains, it pours.

  3. 1. Haven't read it - now I won't bother. Will definitely check out the movie though!

    2. It totally is.

    3. OMG! I'm so glad that you're not hurt. Too bad about the car, though.

    5. That's awesome. I really hope that gives you a bit of a stress reduction for Christmas!

    6. YUM.

    7. Ha! Totally!

    8. I don't even know what this is. *Google*

    9. You know what, I totally agree. Sometimes I'll write ahead of time if it's just something cool I found on the internet that I want to share for Wicked Wednesday, like a YouTube video, and I'll jot down the odd point for my 10 on Tuesday, but that's about it. It definitely feels weird to publish something as if it's just happening when it's weeks old.

    10. Canadian Thanksgiving is long gone.... but I hope you enjoy all the food!!

    Thanks for the 10! :)

  4. 3. The car thing sucks. Thank goodness you weren't hurt - except in your wallet.

    5. Very cool. Sometimes there are angels in disguise:)

    7. Made me laugh hysterically

    10. Now THAT is the way to have Thanksgiving.I'd love Jason Maitland to cook for me, please!

  5. I hope you continue to read The Hunger Games because it does get better, trust me.

    It's too bad you already saw the trailer. I tell my friends who are starting to read the book to hold off on watching the trailer until they finish the first book.


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