Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ten On Tuesday

1. My brain has about a zillion things going through it right now. I'm stressed over everything and I'm tired. Really tired. Anyone have $1,000 I can borrow? No? Well it was worth a try.

2. I always assumed being in a hospital meant you were being well taken care of being nursed back to health but seeing how my mom is being treated after having her back surgery I've come to the conclusion that some are heartless bastards who prefer to have you all vegetabled-up on pain meds in order to not have to deal with you. Not cool.

3. *sigh* Yep. This sounds about right.

4. Rusty has an interview at his job for a position that has stable hours, please cross your fingers for him. This wife needs stability, I'm going bonkers not knowing what crazy hours he'll have next week...if any.

5. Adults trick or treating with no kids is a big fat fucking no-no. Grow up & buy your own damn bag of candy!

6. Can someone please send Santa a memo saying it would be in my best interest if we postponed Christmas for at least another 3 months? Thanks.

7. Work gave me a new computer, which is awesome, but the double screens are SO big that I can't stare at them for longer than 10 minutes without getting blind spots. These damn things are bigger than most of the tv's I had during my childhood. Sunglasses at work might become a necessity. 18 inches...a little too big for me. <-- that's what she said (sorry, I just had to do it)

8. Once Upon A Time may just be new favorite show of the fall season! When I first heard about it last year I was totally against it cause I didn't think the story line would work out but...yeah, I've totally been proven wrong. It takes me back to believing in fairy tales, even Rusty loves it.

9. I may or may not have posted a sign on the door last night reading "out of candy, sorry" even though we had a giant bowl full. In my defense, it was 8pm & we had to be up by 4am and I had to watch Sunday's episode of Homeland...which was fantabulous.

10. I don't care what anyone says, Kim Kardashian & Kris whatever-his-name-is married for publicity & money. There was no love, only business contracts. That is all.


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  1. 1. Mine too. The holidays make me crazy. Also, if I did have it lying around, I'd totally hand it over.

    2. Yeah. Sadly, no. I hope your mom is okay soon.

    3. Uh-huh.

    4. Fingers, toes and uterus crossed.

    5. Are you serious?! Yeah, no.

    7. I would never get anything done with two screens.

    8. Ugh. I missed it!!!

    9. It's cool. Glad I didn't come by, ha!

    10. O.M.G. Yeah, they totally did.

  2. 1. A little stressed here too. I hope things work out for you.

    3. Yep.

    4. fingers crossed!

    5. stupid

    7. I got two monitors with this new job as well and they are the same size as yours. It takes a while to get used to.

    9. Why not just turn off the light? Or do you get trick or treaters who ring the bell anyway.

    10. Totally!

  3. #3 is me lately. Sad face.

  4. 1. Hey, I need about that much too! Let me know if you get multiple offers :o)

    2. My mom was in a nursing home following her heart attack in the spring and...yeah. It's depressing.

    3. HA!

    4. Sending all the good luck vibes I have to you guys.

    5. How about adults with BABIES? Like, just babies, and no other kids? And LITTLE babies! Like, still-in-the-choking-phase babies. Lame.

    6. YES! Please, let's do this. Maybe this year's Christmas could just be postponed indefinitely.

    7. Ouch. I'd get migraines...that's a whole lotta screen.

    8. I love Once Upon A Time! Did you watch Grimm? I liked that too.

    9. We closed up shop around 9. And still had candy left. Plus two huge bags of it from my trick or treating kids.

    10. I cannot even speak of this travesty. The fact that people like this are using up oxygen is just wrong.

  5. I can totally relate to #3. I love it!

    As for #10 - Kim and Kris - I don't even know what to say. I could see it coming and it's really no shock. What is shocking is that I invested four hours to watch that damn wedding special when they only showed the wedding for the last ten minutes. Now I can never get back those four hours. Kim isn't even my favorite Kardashian sister. I like Khloe and Kourtney much better. It will be interesting watching season two of Kourtney and Kim Take New York (because I see that Kris will be in it). lol!

  6. It's so sad that hospitals hire such unfriendly people. If you're not a people person, don't get a job that requires you to be!

    Fingers crossed for the interview!!

    I'm so pissed, my DVR didn't record Ever After this week. I hope my parents' did so I can watch it this weekend lol.

  7. Holy crap that sucks about your mom. I noticed that too when my grandma was in the hospital last. She wasn't being looked after properly- they just really wanted to keep her sedated the whole time. Also I totally understand the whole cash flow thing!! I'm in the midst of going from being paid weekly to once a month. ughhhh no mooonnnneeyyy!! Best of luck to hubs on his interview!! having normal working hours is so important! And i'm feeling ya on christmas!! I am SO not ready and it looks like everyone in america will be getting thiers in january after the sales haha! (i'll blame it on the post office! lol)

  8. Oh man, I can so relate to pretty much everything this week.

    1. If anyone's giving away money, I could use about $4,000 right over here. And that's not even including my student loan.

    2. I could tell you horror stories. Had back surgery a couple of years ago. When I showed up at the hospital they tried to give me morphine and send me home despite the fact that I couldn't stand up and had passed out twice trying to get to the bathroom earlier. I didn't see a doctor for about three or four days and had no idea who was even prescribing my meds. I have never been so terrified in my life. I hope your mom is on the mend and can get back home soon - she'll feel better there, I promise. Also, tell her it's normal to feel really weird for awhile - the opiates and anaesthetic in your body make you feel really sketchy for a couple of weeks. It sucks, but it will pass.

    3. That is totally me.

    4. *crosses fingers*

    5. Seriously??? Lame. Though I think if someone had a really REALLY impressive costume that they'd obviously spent a lot of time and money on, thus rendering them too broke to buy said bag of candy, I might give them one chocolate bar. Depending how many I had left for myself.

    6. I really think we should just skip Christmas this year. Better yet, the government should give us all Christmas bonuses relative to how large our overdrafts are. Thanks.

    7. I got new screens about that size. I hated them at first, but now I love them and hate having only one screen at home. (Also, if you hadn't said it, I would have.)

    8. I just started watching that! It's actually filmed in Richmond, which is a suburb of Vancouver. A few of my colleagues live right near where it was shot, so they actually recognize their town when they watch it. It's good so far, but I really wish Jennifer Morrison would dye her hair dark again.

    9. Totally fair.

    10. That's what I think about most celebrity weddings. I think I can now officially be labeled cynical.

    Thanks for the Ten! See you next week..... :)

  9. 1. when you get that thousand, share the love with me!

    2. hospitals are awful. i am often embarrassed that i work in them. doctors/nurses/CNAs, they're all awful, and the first to bitch if they have to do anything extra.

    4. that sure would be nice!

    5. hello - pathetic much?

    6. definitely just sent the big man in red your request :-P

    9. we fled our house and went to my in-laws! lol!

    10. what a waste of money, THEY should be sending thousands to us!

  10. damn, those computers are effin huge! fingers, toes and eyes crossed for your hubs!

    the kardashian wedding, we all knew that was a hoax! kris has no contract with an NBA team, they are on a lockout, sure, he needed to make some cash and bone a kardashian! harsh much?! #truth (oh wait, what's with the hash tag? this isn't twitter!) lol


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