Thursday, November 17, 2011

Naughty Or Nice...You'll Still Get Something

I've been thinking that I want to actually send out Christmas cards this year instead of simply signing them & letting them sit on my nightstand until after New Years. You do that too, right?

I'll go ahead & pretend you said yes.

So, this is where you peeps come in...I want to send you guys a Christmas card. I could always send them to family but they're pretty boring & not very cool.

If you want to get a super cool pretty generic Christmas Card, but awesomely signed by yours truly, to put on your mantle all you have to do is forward me your mailing info via email @ hollygolightly0831 at gmail dot com

I may just be feeling a little extra joyous when sending them out & toss in a little something extra in your envelope. Maybe.

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  1. Awesome idea!

    I need to email you my address--and you send me yours.

    ps-it took me like 8 tries to type that sentence. and to spell sentence correctly...lord help me, lol!


  2. Hooray - stop by my blog I'm doing a card swap too! :] Enter your info and I'll send you a card !

  3. You. Are. Awesome. I don't really have much family, so I don't get many Christmas cards. I've always said I don't care, but secretly it makes me a little sad. I'll send you my address, and send me yours and I'll try to find a fun card for you too! Of course it will have to be funny and witty, much like yourself. ;)

    Thank you, Lin!

  4. Thats awesome! I love it! I will totally mail you on my address- I love getting christmas cards and I love sending them as well lol. I just bought 30 the other day and am already writing them out (yeah I am that person haha) yay for mail that isnt bills!!


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