Monday, November 21, 2011

It's Exactly What I Wanted Because I Picked It...

I love Christmas.

Actually, let me rephrase that, I love getting gifts on Christmas.

But then again, who doesn't, right?

I'd say I'm a pretty lucky gal when it comes to gifts since Rusty's always really good about getting me everything I want . From shoes to movies to jewelry to books...they're all under the tree just waiting for me to open them up.

The thing I'm not in love with though? Having to go with him to buy all of those nifty Christmas gifts.

Honestly, I don't mean to be all little Ms. Nitpick but opening all your gifts on Christmas just isn't as much fun when you already know what's in every cute bag & wrapped box.
Oh, what a cute sweater! How did you know I wanted THIS one, in THIS color?! Oh, that's right, I was there when you bought it & even tried it on. Great gift hon.
See, totally kicks the fun right in the balls.

Yesterday Rusty (and I) started shopping for my gift(s). He's already got 2 down & as far as I can tell he's we've got a few more to go. I was thinking about maybe giving him a general list of things I want but I'm afraid I'll end up with a toothbrush and too small size pants or even worse, a box full of dollar bills because he just gave up.

Men...they're adorable, just like kids.

Please tell me I'm not the only one that shops for her own gifts! Give a girl some pointers, how do you get your guy to buy you things you won't have to return later? And, what's on your Christmas wish list? I need ideas peeps.



  1. Mr. BFG is terrible when it comes to gifts. Seriously. I usually end up making my mom take him so she can yes "yes" or "DON'T BUY HER THAT!"

    Last year, I wrote down three options, along with size and color if necessary. I ended up with the exact Vera Bradley bag that I wanted and the bonus was that it was a total surprise.

    This year? I don't know. I don't NEED anything. I'm thinking about just going and getting an iPhone and saying that can be my gift.

  2. This post made me laugh!! I don't have a BF, but my mom always shops for her gifts. =)

    megs [at] Shine On

  3. I hate this too and have yet to figure out how to combat it...
    I mean you could do like a grab bag kind of thing, like an Etsy favorite page or pinterest board....but even then you're still picking your presents...

  4. I get what you are saying exactly! Even Etsy favorites or pinterest boards you are still "picking" and it takes the surprise out of it!

  5. I know what you mean, I usually have to pick out my gifts myself too. The best gift my husband got me, was probably a few years ago when he switched with a friend of ours, so he had to buy some electronic device for her husband and she bought loads of clothes for me and everything fit right down to the bra size... pretty impressive:)

  6. If he's been reading your blog, hopefully he'll get you those jeans..... ;)

    I like giving gifts but worry about getting them, because I don't have a good poker face and I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. Though honestly, I've been really lucky with presents - couple of years ago the bf got me these two HUGE fleece blankets (and when I say huge, I mean it. Two of us can wrap up in one of them.) I was totally surprised and they turned out to be the best present ever!

    But really, just drop hints, I guess, and hope he picks up on them?? This year mine's making an online wish list for me to give to the family and look through myself, but I'll get some other stuff too so he gets a surprise, cos I agree with your oh-so-eloquently put comment about kicking the fun in the balls (this sort of thing is why I love you so much, btw).

    I like doing lots of small things for each other, like books and movies and stuff rather than a big thing, cos that way the odds of getting a couple of things you like go up!

  7. I'm actually quite lucky in that hubby always manages to get me exactly what I want by didn't always know I wanted it. He's a fabulous gift-giver.

    I'm the one in the family that has a very hard time deciding on gifts. I liek to be told what someone wants, rather than be left to my own devices.


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