Wednesday, November 2, 2011

It Can't Rain All The Time

That was one of my favorite quotes from The Crow. Not only did the very hot (and sadly deceased) Brandon Lee say it which made it that much cooler but it's true.

Things won't be shitty forever. Only for a while. A little while.

I was in a deep dark hole, throwing myself a pitty party, for the last week or so. Things *cough* money *cough* got really tight and we had to borrow from future paydays & of course with Christmas being next month ... holy hell how did the year pass so quickly?!... my anxiety is only getting more & more insane.

I'm trying to stay positive. Trying to see that beautiful glass of cool refreshing strawberry lemonade half-full instead of empty because if I don't I'm afraid I might just feel the sudden urge to 'punch a bubble boy', as Rusty would put it.

After posting the 10 on Tuesday post yesterday, asking if you all had a couple $1000 measly bucks laying around & ya'll informed me you in fact did not, I came to the realization that I'm not the only person who's having money issues. Fuck. We're all broke.

So I re-posted an item that hadn't sold for the last 2 months on craigslist, hoping maybe someone would need it as much as I needed their money to make last months car payment.

And...sure enough by 7pm it was sold!

I'm not much of a believer in the big G-O-D, I know there's something bigger than us out there but this happening when I needed it the most, when I was minutes from bursting into frustrated tears, has me believing that it won't and most definitely can't rain all the time.

Thanks for sticking around through all my ups & downs peeps. Even if it is just to point & laugh at me, I love you guys almost as much as I love Cherry Pepsi.



  1. girl - if you could only catch a glimpse at my bank account right now...thank goodness payday is friday! not that it REALLY matters since it'll still be all gone shortly after that.

    I'm glad that you were able to sell your item & pay for your car! serious blessing!!!

  2. I get it girl! And I love that attitude, you're right-it can't always suck! And it's important to remember!

  3. Hugs Linny.

    glad the thing sold on Craigslist and helped out a bit.

    Now I understand why we haven't had lunch! I should have known you weren't blowing me off!

    Hope things get better soon. Thinking of you two and wishing for the best!

  4. That's great it finally sold. And yeah, I know, I can't believe that Christmas is so soon. My idea for some gifts is to make things. I know, it sounds juvenile when I say it like that, but I've been finding some amazing things to do online that don't cost much. It's great!! I should probably blog about some...if they would help.

    and thanks for the comment on my survey. I think I'm going too. :)


  5. Oh Lin, how AWESOME that your item sold on craigslist. When I was going through my absolute WORST time financially (and how scary is that, considering where I'm at now, LOL??), a neighbor of mine came over with dinner for me and the kids. She listened to me cry for a while and then gave me a hug and said, "You are the most resourceful person I know. You'll get out of this."

    So now, when I'm faced with a financial shitstorm (which seems to be way too often) I remember her words. Sounds like you are resourceful, too.

    Tough times build tough chicks, my friend. Hang in there!!

  6. The other day as we were walking through Home Depot, we ran into a "money tree" and as tempted as I was to purchase this tree with hopes and aspirations that it'll acutally bring me some extra cash, I decided the money was better spent on making me happy...with food, lol.

    Hoping things get better for all of us! (and soon!)

  7. Everyone is pinching the pennies. Keep your head up lady. You're doing great!


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