Monday, November 14, 2011

Christmas Cards From Tiny Prints... Perfect!

Rusty & I don't normally send out Christmas cards. It's not so much because we don't want to but more because I tend to be very, um...forgetful. Oopsy.

One thing I can always count on though is getting family cards by good old snail mail. Each year we usually post up our cards on one of the end tables but this year I'm thinking of changing it up a bit by hanging them from ribbon on the garland that'll be on our staircase. Cute, right?

This year I think I may actually follow through with sending out my cards because with the adorable selection of holiday cards that Tiny Prints has to offer, I definitely don't want them going to waste. My face on other people's coffee table, ah yes please.

Here a few of my top faves:

Christmas Collage: Khaki - Love that it looks semi homemade. The tree & snowman totally look like something I'd draw, haha.

Sheer Collage- These colors are so eye-catching & I've never seen a card that opens that way, totally unique.

Spreading Happiness - Santa on the roof of a red Bug that you & your sweety are inside of it...yes please!

Partridge Tree - Traditional, simple & fun. Three things that I always look for in my cards. Also, aren't those birds so adorable?!

Colorful Wreath - I used to place our greeting cards on the Christmas tree but they never stayed on correctly, a problem I wouldn't have had if they used these cuties. I have a thing for colorful circles.

Freakin' cute aren't they!? Oh, you know they are. So, I think you guys should totally head on over to Tiny Prints & check out the rest of their selection & maybe if you find one you like you can even send me one as a thank you *wink*.

If you peeps want to help out in getting the word out about Tiny Prints, you can join the campaign here.

(Disclosure: Tiny Prints compensated me with holiday cards in exchange for this post. I was not monetarily compensated for this post & the views/opinions in this post are my own.)



  1. Is it just me, or does Lindsey kinda look like Jennifer Love Hewitt??? No? Oh, well, never mind then. Carry on.

  2. These cards are so cute! I will have to check them out.


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