Monday, October 17, 2011

Your Teeth Say A Lot...

While catching up on all the juicy gossip that happened over this weekend while I was busy doing important things, like watching tv & not bathing, I came upon this gem...

I know, she's a vision of sheer beauty.

By beauty I of course mean crack head.

This photo was taken of the former actress-now walking corpse Lindsay Lohan, sometime last week at a video game release. It's not really a big surprise that she made an appearance to a video game launch, girl probably sprints to the opening of a Bud Light can but damn she looks awful.

I've seen washed up hookers with better days and teeth. Yikes!

Think I'm being too harsh? Well, I'm not, you're just a big softy...look closer.

See what I mean? That right there, that totally says crack head mouth.

As easy as she is to make fun of I really wish someone (other than her crazy ass money hungry family) would step in & help her out.

Maybe they can start by handing her a mirror or better yet a toothbrush...I'm not asking for miracles here people.


(Linds 2002-2010 . This is worse than seeing the 2007 Britney train wreck. At least Brit got her shit straight, although still not a better weave.)



  1. Yeah, someone needs to help that girl out! And not just a dentist.

  2. I wish someone would help her. Or even if it was me that could have the power to do such a thing. the girl really needs help.

    What's also surprising, she's not wearing any sort of lipstick/gloss.

  3. Those are smokers teeth.
    Its so sad about her. She used to look so innocent.

  4. It's so sad! She used to be quite cute, but now...

  5. She used to be so pretty. I agree, she does need someone to step in and help her!

  6. What a huge bummer this girl is. She coulda been a contender!

  7. seriously...SO many famous actors have bad teeth. Nic Cage, Johnny Depp, & Madonna.


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