Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ten On Tuesday

1. I've sort of had a mean streak going for the last day or so. Actually, I don't know if it's so much mean as it is I'm finally telling it like it is. No sugar coating for this girl today...or tomorrow. (example)

2. The season opener to The Walking Dead...what you did y'all think? I really liked it, didn't love it. Not saying I'm not anticipating the next episode or anything cause I am, I can't wait to meet the new characters on Virgil's farm. Yay for Glen & Maggie finally meeting ;) <-- if you read the comics, sorry graphic novel, you'll know what I'm talking about.

3. We're so spoiled.

4. This must have been one helluva wedding. Maybe someone was trying to get the honeymoon started early, ha ha.

5. Oh, this dude is never going live this down. Hilarious!

6. In related haunted house news, Rusty & I will be visiting one built on a supposedly haunted cemetery. I'm really hoping they don't have any hidden cameras cause I'd hate for people to witness me either peeing myself or kicking a poor sap in the family jewels as I run for my life.

7. Thank you coworker for thoroughly describing what it would have hypothetically sounded like if you had stepped on the giant yellow spider that was on your car window this morning. The close up photo of it & sound affects weren't really necessary but I did appreciate your enthusiasm to act out the, again, hypothetical situation for me.

8. Sears layaway plan. Anyone used it? I'm thinking of getting most, if not all, of my Christmas shopping done there just so I can pay it off little by little but I'm not totally convinced it's a great idea.

9. Not sure how I feel about this movie even though at first glance it looks totally cute. Reese Witherspoon is rarely awful & you can't go wrong with 2 hot guys, right? One thing I'm definitely not diggin' is Chris Pine's poofy hair...who's idea was it to give him 90's hair?

10. FYI: Putting lotion on around your eye may seem like a good idea (that skin's gotta me moisturized too, right?) until your eye begins to water & tiny lotion particles make their way into your eyeball, causing it to burn like a mo-fo. Don't do it. My eye's still not done twitching.


Alrightly, you guys feel like listing 10 random things in your head? Well if you do, great! Create your own 10 on Tuesday post & link up here so we can all check you out ;)



  1. That must have been a fun wedding to attend.
    By the way I entered your Eden Fantasy giveaway, and it wasn't until afterwards I realised it was only for US and Canadian residents... so you can just delete my entry:(

  2. I love that video! That would be me. Too funny!

    There is nothing wrong with telling it like it is. That's how I got my nickname "Bitch #1. :)

  3. i have not watched the opener for the walking dead yet - i cant wait...now if i could get my husband to stop playing video games, maybe i'd have a chance to watch it! haha

    have fun at the cemetery - i really love old cemeteries! probably not haunted cemeteries, but still!

  4. 4. I laughed so hard I coughed when I saw that title.

    7. I like your coworker already. Visual people rock!

    9. The movie sounds stupid but interesting. Maybe. Maybe not. She deserves to have both guys dump her at once. Like we'd say if one guy was dating 2 girls. Pig.

    10. Yeah, eye cream too close to your eyes is a non-no. Ouch. Splash water in your eye, tyr to rinse it out.

  5. 1- Welcome to every day of my life! It's so freeing to be that way :)

    2- I really enjoyed it! Haven't read the "graphic novel", so I don't know what the reference is to, but I'm looking forward to the rest of the season!

    4- Why don't I ever get invited to weddings like that??

    5- That guy just lost his man card. For reals! LMAO!

    10- ow...

  6. 1. Sometimes people need to hear the truth. Even if it's really, really mean.

    2. I don't know if it's because I haven't watched anything with zombies since the end of the last season or what, but I found this episode hard to watch. As in several parts found me hiding my eyes asking "is it safe to look yet?" while listening to the sounds of zombies being disemboweled. Likewise I'll keep watching it, but wasn't super impressed.

    3. I was thinking about that the other day. I've become so spoiled by the easy availability of entertainment, and I'm not sure if it's good for me. But there's no way I'm giving it up.

    4. Awesome. Just... awesome.

    6. Well the rest of us would find that really amusing, anyway. ;)

    7. Ew.

    10. I've TOTALLY done that.

    Thanks for the giggles, as always! :)


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