Monday, October 31, 2011

My Old School Halloween Movie Faves...

I love Halloween!

Yesterday I spent all day in bed watching some of the best movies evah made in the 70's, 80's & 90's...yep those were years that made the classics. Not like the crap they're making now with these lame-o paranormal mocumentary movies.

Get with the program ya'll cause this is totally where it's at for Halloween.

Rocky Horror Picture Show

No one can watch this movie without questioning their sexuality, I know I did. Fine, don't admit it...we all know the truth anyway. Tim Curry owned those platform heels like a champ & I don't know one single person who doesn't sing along to 'The Timewarp'. Rusty has the entire soundtrack on his IPod, it's our go to road trip music.

Little Shop of Horrors

Not only is every classic comedian in this movie but the songs are catchy as hell. Also, Audrey...wowza can anyone have a bigger rack? My favorite thing to do while watching this movie is trying to mimic the way she pronounces things, cracks me up every time! Now go..."Feed Me Seymour, Feed Me"


There are certain things you just never say 3x in a row & his name is one of them. There was a time when I couldn't watch this movie without the lights on because he scared the crap out of me, especially when he turns into the carousal monster...eek!

Hocus Pocus

If I ever come across witches that want to steal my soul I hope they're as cool & idiodic as these three, haha. I remember being 10 & wanting to have witch powers & a flying broom. My dad actually caught me trying to ride a broom once, needless to say he still asks if I'm trying to ride my broom when he see's me with one in my hand *bows head in shame*.

What are some of your favorite cheesy Halloween movies? Will you be dressing up this year?

I'm not, I'm totally broke lame like that this year.



  1. I love Hocus Pocus and I have the same issue as you do with Beetlejuice. I have to say I haven't seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show, but I really want to. I watched Clue on Saturday and I thought that was a good one.

    Don't forget: "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!"

  2. OMG I love all of those movies!! And Rocky Horror....you haven't lived until you've gone to a theater and seen it with a bunch of other crazy fans yelling and throwing things at the screen :) Just reading this list made me happy!

  3. I remember we went to Rocky Horror just about every weekend when I was in high school. The perks of dating a guy who worked at the theater.

  4. I must be an alien - I haven't seen ANY of thos four movies!

    Does Spielberg's 'ET' count as a Halloween movie? 'Cause I loved that one:)

  5. Hocus Pocus is my all time fav!

    We didn't do anything for Halloween. It was just another day in our house. Maybe next year when the baby is a little bigger.

  6. Ha! I watched a little bit of Hocus Pocus last night. One of my favorite Halloween movies!!

    Don't hate me but I saw Rocky Horror in high school, at one of those midnight showings, and even though I tried so hard to love it as much as my friends...I couldn't get into it. I do know all the words to Timewarp, though. Does that redeem me a little bit?


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