Monday, October 24, 2011

The Bar's Too High

I did it to myself.

I'm usually pretty smart when it comes to these types of things but I really screwed myself over the weekend.

You know when you're first meeting someone you want to make a good impression so you put on some great clothes, do your hair all nice like & even put on a bit of the old face paint?

Well, I normally tend to go the opposite route by wearing my old comfy jeans, worn down Converse, hair in a ponytail & zero make up because I figure if they first see me at my worst then they have nothing else to do but be impressed when they see me any other way.

Great thinking, I know.

But I effed up this weekend, not once but twice, because not only did I attend a blogger media mash-up (which was super fun & I even got a cool gift at) looking all fresh & dolled up this weekend but I also met a couple of Rusty's coworkers for the first time when I picked him up. Some of you may be thinking I'm insane, I should be glad they saw me all glam & even happy that one of Rusty's co-worker fellas' told him 'nice job' when he found out I was his wife & not just a girl that happened to be walking next to him and honestly I would be totally cool with it all if that's what I normally looked like. But I don't.

Not by a damn long shot.

I don't wear make-up, I don't comb my curly frizzy hair, I only own one pair of jeggings & it's super rare that I find a shirt that hides my belly fluff so big sweaters are totally my best friends.

I've set the bar high up there people...too high for my liking.

The only place to go from here is down, which is not good cause I actually hate the falling parts of roller coasters. Good news is the probability of running into these people again is slim. Bad news is, Rusty's co-workers probably talked to each other about seeing my awesomeness so this will definitely lead to anxiety problems when trying to find something to wear to his company Christmas party. Eek, the pressure!

Word to the wise: Keep the bar low peeps.

Not Lohan low, more like a downtime Jennifer Garner kind of low. You know, we don't want people thinking you're a hobo or anything.

Do you dress to impress or just say 'fuck it' when you're going to meet people for the first time?



  1. LOL, love the comment of "not lohan low". jennifer garner seems to be just down to earth and pretty casual most of the time.

    when i meet people most of the time, i do wear makeup but nothing that i wouldn't wear when i go to work, which is usually pretty neutral tones (that is most of the look i go for anyway). don't worry about, these people should mind their own business when it comes to how you look on the daily. if you're comfortable with it, dang, so be it. otherwise, they probably aren't your "friends" or rusty's "friends" if they start bitching how you look without makeup!

    converse all the way, baby. i need a new pair actually.

  2. I have to agree with you here. Once you impress them, there's nowhere left to go but down. I'm in the same boat. Gah!

  3. Don't sweat the Christmas party! You've got plenty of time to find something great to wear. I bet you are adorable no matter what you're wearing/how much makeup you have on.

  4. This post made me laugh...and think about what I do! I tend to look good the first time, but you make such a good point! Wouldn't it be nice if I could go to a bar and wear sweats with my hair up, and a guy would pick me up because I must, at some point, have the ability to look better than that? :)

    megs [at] Shine On

  5. ha-ha-ha, I swear you are my freaking twin with the way you think!

    I HATE dressing up, and usually taking a shower lately is my idea of being impressive.
    Sweats and a t-shirt is my normal uniform.

    But I gotta say, when I was happy, and worked out like a fiend, I loved doing the pretty, and did a cute outfit and lipstick and eyeliner every day

    I dressed up for dinner with you so that you wouldn't think I was a slob. Now that I know better, next time I'll show up in sweats:)

    As for the xmas party with his co-workers, you're screwed.
    Gotta be at the top of the bar again, find a great dress, and then thank sweet jaysus that christmas only comes around once a year so you can relax!

    Anyway, it's nice to make Rusty feel like his wife is hot and have his friends drooling. Gives him brag status at work:)

  6. I think that you would make a good impression no matter what you wore. And you're such a great, funny lady that regardless of what you wear, anyone with half a brain would leave a conversation with you thinking "she's awesome." So yeah, find something to wear to the Christmas party that makes you feel good, but don't stress about it!

  7. I try to dress to impress when i am meeting someone for the first time but when it's people I know (and have been friends with for a long time), I don't care what I look like.

    We were staying at a friend's house all weekend and I pretty much stayed in jogging pants or my pjs the entire time.


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