Monday, September 26, 2011

This Will Instantly Make You Smile...It Worked For Me!

This video instantly put a smile on my face...

Loved it!

I've only heard about a handful of Sara Bareilles' songs but this one is so upbeat and the video is so happy, I couldn't help but dance along. Not like their dancing, of course...more like Elaine's little kicks dance but whatevs.

Also, I shop at grocery stores like this all the time, you can always find the best carne asada there...fyi.

The ending was the funniest, wasn't it? Hopefully it brightened up your Monday, jeebus knows I needed it.




  1. Thank you for this. For real. I am having the worst day and now I'm gonna have to go download this song.

    Mwuah! You rock!

  2. I liked the words, I can see playing it a lot to feel strong after a break-up:)

  3. This is a fun upbeat song to start off the week! :D

  4. Love this! Great way to cheer up the end of my day!


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