Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ten On Tuesday

1. Weeds has turned into Desperate Housewives for me. This season has sucked major ass & the only reason I'm still watching it because I'm determined to see it to the end. Determined.

2. I do believe I'll buy myself this t-shirt for Rusty's birthday. Wives get a birthday present for their husbands birthday too, right? ;)

3. This week marks the beginning of fall TV...eek! I'm so happy!

4. I may or may not have kept eating my breakfast sandwich after I found a hair in it. I was super hungry, don't judge...too harshly.

5. I heard this jackass Marine on the radio this morning ranting about him not agreeing with the repeal of 'don't ask, don't tell' because he didn't want to be showering with gay people...you know, cause all the gay dudes would of course be gawking at his junk (way to toot your own small horn there, homeslice). I don't know if the dude was really dumb or just really ignorant but the truth is he's most likely showered with hundreds of gay dudes since he joined the force. If they haven't eye raped you yet chances are that a change in rules isn't going to magically make it happen. Moron.

6. The quality of movies being released in theaters lately is quiet disappointing. Get your shit together Hollywood & give me something that I can say is worth my $12.

7. Is it just me or is it pretty pathetic when a dude goes on & on about how he was such hot stuff when he was younger & got all sorts of ass? Reminiscing (aka: bragging) about 'the good ol' days' doesn't make you look cooler, it actually just gives us something else to laugh about later.

8. I really wish parents would understand that just because a child says they want something doesn't mean they need it. There's a difference & you're supposed to be the one that tells the difference. Put those adult panties on damn it.

9. Just because you like listening to shitty music while you work doesn't mean everyone else does. Do your co-workers a favor & put on head phones. <-- I know what my cubicle neighbor is getting for Christmas.

10. Aw, that's not cool man. But it is pretty fucking funny...


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  1. 1. I gave up after one episode. I tried. I can't.

    2. Definitely.

    3. Yipee!

    4. I may or may not have done that too, provided that I am somewhat certain it was my own.

    5. Who freaking cares. You wanna serve your country, serve your country. And why is always (ALWAYS) those kinds of people who get to air their opinions on television and radio? Is it really any better than the overweight woman with four teeth and no bra lamenting the fact that her dog and trailer home both got blown away by a tornado? No. It's really not.

    6. Amen. And also. Footloose? Really?!

    7. Not just you.

    8. Amen. Again.

    9. So, what you're saying is, you actually don't want to hear Naughty By Nature while I'm working out next to you?

    10. Okay. I LOL'ed.

  2. #3: Yippee!

    #4: I won't judge. I've done something like that.

    #5: Moron

    #6: Very few have made me want to run to the theaters. But, have I seen any yet, nope.

    #8: Totally!

    #9: I am at least courteous enough to keep the volume low. Besides, who doesn't like 80s music? :)

    #10: Way to funny! I love it!

  3. 2. seriously, i think its only fair that wives get gifts for themselves...as usually the gift for me from my husband is secretly for him anyway. haha.
    3. i am very excited!!! i love greys anatomy - dont really like where its been going the last season, but still addicted.
    4. no judging here, id do the same thing at this point.
    6. yep. very disappointing. we saw contageon last week, unimpressive.
    9. my co-worker plays religious music, and even though i consider myself religious, not what i want to hear at work!
    10. too funny.

    thanks for the link up girl!

  4. Ooh, just saw Midnight in Paris with my husband and it was amazingly good, plus, i'm a big Woody Allen fan. Recommended.

  5. I came for the Fill in the Blanks... and stayed for the giggles! Loving your blog!

    #1 THANK YOU. I thought I was the only one. I used to love, love, love this show. Now it fills in a gap when there's nothing else to watch.

    #2 I want one!!!!

    #3 Me too. Has saved an otherwise stressful week from completely sucking.

    #4 That's like picking up an M&M off the floor and eating it. And who hasn't done that?

    #5 The same guys are still there, the same guys are still gay - the only difference is now they can admit it. People like this make me worry about the average intelligence of the human race.

    #7 Agreed, though I also tend to assume he's lying. The guy's probably still a virgin.

    #8 Stop me before I launch into a "when I was a kid we walked 10 miles to school uphill both ways in the snow" story, but really kids today are spoiled.

    #9 I agree, however the down side of wearing headphones/ear buds is that whenever someone has to tap me on the shoulder to get my attention I have a minor heart attack.

    #10 HA!

    Thanks, Lin, this TOTALLY made my day!

    Emily from Mpirical

  6. I must be lame, because I've kind of liked this season haha. Also, I'm glad I have a kid keeping me from going to the movies every weekend, because in our small town we WOULD be spending the $12 to see dumb movies just to get out of the house!

    p.s. That sketch is funny & so true!


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