Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ten On Tuesday

1. Beyond excited that I only have to work 3 days this week! Two more days to go & then the weekend. Excuse me while I go jump for joy...


They're back on tonight, yippee. I really hope we get to see more of a shirtless Jax. Speaking of Jax, did you guys know the actor who plays him is actually English? Me either. He's really perfected the American accent.

3. No one can quiet annoy you like your mother. And, yes this is a damn fact.

3. Randomly tweeting that you're crying at work or your holding back tears doesn't make me want to ask you why, it actually makes me roll my eyes and think you're a big ass attention whore because it's like the 25th time you've tweeted it.

4. I'd rather have known I was drinking tap water from the get go instead of thinking there was actual purified water in the Smart Water bottle you gave me to drink. Refilling your water bottles & offering them to guests is totally not cool. Put a warning label on that shit.

5. I've never denied I'm a nerd but I never thought I'd take it this far.

6. Question: If someone tells you the name they're planning on naming their unborn child and you think it's the most got awful name evah, do you voice your opinion or shut your mouth? I only ask because my mom thought it was completely acceptable to express just how horrid of a name the SIL & bro have chosen for their baby.

7. Damn you Christmas, you've snuck up on me once again! I'm no where near monetarily ready for your ass.

8. I wore a dress for the first time in about year on Saturday & amazingly enough didn't feel like a tranny. It's pretty rad what losing a few pounds can do for your self confidence. Now if I could only manage to lose 10 more pounds by doing absolutely nothing & still eating buckets of McDonald's french fries.

9. Please believe me when I tell you to never ever leave damp towels on your floor for long periods of time or use the same bathroom/outside shower mat for more than a few months. Why you ask? Well because flies love the dampness and will most likely lay their disgusting eggs there and you'll have a room full of maggots within days. Disgusting right? Yeah, my bathroom will never be the same again.

10. Meeting up with a fellow blogger for the first time never gets easier. I've met tons but my stomach still turns at the thought of how awkward the conversation may get or how much I despise those long silent pauses where you just stare at eachother. As much as I'm looking forward to meeting Laura from Cinderella11pm for dinner this week, I'm tempted to run for the damn hills cause I'm super nervous. Someone send Valium please.


I've decided to add a linky to this post again since I know a couple of you linked up & wrote a "10 on Tuesday" post last week (thanks guys!) & I'd hate to miss reading them, so if you write one or decide to write one, leave your link!



  1. #4? Seriously? People do that? I agree, very rude.

    #6...I think it would be good manners to keep it to yourself. Even if it is the most horrendous name you've ever heard.

  2. 3. Sometimes I wish I could either a.) fake cry or b.) cry on demand. I'm jealous of the girls that could. Not that I want to look like a pussy or anything ...

    10. Seriously, in addition to the Valium, buy yourself a hairpiece. In case you forget about the date until the last possible second. ;p

  3. 1. right! short weeks are the best
    3. amen girl!
    4. PUKE!!! not only is that weird that you're drinking tap water, but i doubt they cleaned them thoroughly! not cool
    9. my darling husband is notorious for leaving damp clothes in the washer, which then makes the whole next load smell like that. blegh!!!
    10. you go girl! i've never had a meet up but i think they'd just be fun!

  4. When our neighbour told us what they were planning on naming their girl, I said "you're kidding right?" but honestly who combines the names of the 2 children they all ready have? Especially since one of them is a boy! When I realised she wasn't kidding I tried to save it by saying something like "okay, that's a nice name too" good save huhh?

  5. 2 - I'm so sad we can't start to watch it tonight because we haven't got season 3 yet!! I still don't know if they got baby Abel back from the crazy IRA man!

    6 - Yea, keep it to yourself. I'd be pissed if someone told me the name Cooper Timothy was anything but the cutest name they've ever heard. (No, not pregnant...just thinking ahead.)

  6. Ha-ha, you crack me up. I love these ten.

    I'd comment on each of them but my memory has gotten so bad all I remember is that yes a mother can annoy you like no other, you looked good in your dress, and no you don't refill a water bottle - ugh!

    Who did you say you were meeting for dinner? (lol).
    I totally know the feeling because I had an early dinner with another blogger last week and we had zero to talk about, except how annoying our Mothers are. Seriously:)

    It won't be that bad - after all, I'll have my camera and be taking pictures and notes like mad, so all you really have to do is eat, hide any burps behind a napkin, and think that this particular princess really needs larger glass slippers to make room for those bunions(lol).

  7. So many things to say and I can't remember them all!

    Mothers are masters of annoyance.

    I *may* have tweeted that in the past. Sorry.

    Tap water is disgusting.

    That's why people don't share potential baby names anymore.

    Why are talking about CHRISTMAS?! Damn you.

    Yay for a cute dress! Yay for you!

    EW. MAGGOTS. Damn you again.

  8. Yeah, I wouldn't express dislike about the name TO the parents. It is their choice, and I'd feel like I was being a bit too rude or whatever. lol

    You're meeting Laura? That's so cool. She's such a sweetie. I think it would be fun to have dinner with you two!!

    Thanks for the comment about the auctions. I'm not doing anymore for Daniel and Kaylea, but there will be more in November for the LGBT scholarship...if you know anyone that wants to apply, etc: www.letsgetbeyondtolerance.blogspot.com


  9. tweeting that you've been crying at work 25 times?! really?! did she tweet more than she cried?! which one is it?! omg.

    i'm not a fast food person, but mcdonald's fries and chicken nuggets (thanks to airport runs) are the best of all.

    hell to the no on damp towels on the floor. they smell funky, too.

    bad baby names. i usually end up saying, "hmmmm..."

  10. 1. I'm totally happy for you, and I love you bunches, but knowing that combined with me having to work at least the next two weekends in a row kinda makes me want to punch things.

    2. Never really watched that show. But Ken does.

    3. Since there are two of these (LOL), I agree with both part a and b. Though no matter how annoying, I'll always love my mom!

    4. Eew. For reals, just give people a regular glass. It *says* not to reuse those bottles!

    6. I say keep quiet. I'd want to say something too...but you know. Parental rights or something.

    8. Yay for weight loss!!

    9. OMG, I have totally had situations like that! I felt like the dirtiest person on the planet! But...bugs happen!

    10. What's the address? You think I'm kidding, but no. I have some, it just makes me off the wall hyper (not my doc's intent), and it's not doing me any good in my medicine drawer!

  11. soa is back on?? Sidnei will be so happy! We love that show! I cant believe Jax is english! he does have the accent perfected! how do people do that?? and he is hawt. hawt hawt.

  12. Ok, that water bottle thing is just wrong, wrong, wrong!

    omg with the flies!!!

    When it comes to baby names, you gotta keep it shut. Bad mommy.

  13. #4 - EW how does that even happen?!

    #8 - that's how I describe myself in dresses, too!! LOL

  14. #1 - SofA is awesome. I finally got to watch the first episode last night. The 90 minute episode went by quickly and there was twist and turns all around. That is what I love about the show. I can't wait to see how the rest of the season pans out.

    #7 - I am in the planning stage but I plan to go away for Christmas again. Once everything is confirmed then I am going to blog about it for sure.

  15. Congrats on the weight loss, and # 3 oh #3 I couldn't agree with you more. That is when I unfollow!!!!

  16. i love this idea! i can't wait for this tuesdays ten on tuesday. :) love your blog!


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