Thursday, September 29, 2011

I Have A Bone To Pick With 'New Girl' Writers

I love the show...

Zooey Deschanel is funny, her random singing & nerdiness is entertaining enough, the roommate dudes are cute & brotherly but one thing that I can't get behind is the show switching out one black guy for another.

Not only do I hate it when a show switches out characters on us like this but they got rid of funny ass 'Coach' (Damon Waynes Jr.) for this other non-funny dude, Winston. Yeah, they couldn't even give him a cool name.

He's boring. Not funny. Doesn't seem to fit in with the rest of the cast and if I'm going to be bluntly honest...he's not as good looking.

There, I said it.

Turns out Waynes was written out because the show 'Happy Endings', which he's in, was renewed after sucking major rating ass last season. What they should have done is just write him out of that show & left him in 'New Girl' since it'll probably live longer than a show about a dude who was left at the alter & is still friends with the chick cause they don't want to split friends...lamesauce.

Alright, I may have just made it sound pretty cool but I it's not...really.

So even though I'm going to stick it out & keep watching I'd just like to let it be known that there is a total shift in the funniness of the show (as in it was almost cut in 1/2), this new dude is not as appealing to look at or as funny as the old one, just because this character is the same color doesn't mean the viewer (me) will welcome him with open TV arms, and I don't like this change. at. all.

Do you watch this show? What did you guys think about the cast change-up, am I right or am I right* to be all ranty about it?

First episode (aka: the funny one)

*I know, I'm totally right.



  1. Okay, seriously, I don't like that show. It's not funny - the songs aren't funny - the other characters aren't funny. It just sucks all around. I watched both episodes and I'm done. I say, leave the singing to the Glee cast & start wearing the comedy pants. Cuz it's a sitcom & I didn't even laugh once in the last episode. So, they should rename it sitbore.

    Oh, and I had no idea that they switched out actors. None. But I guess that's what happens when you watch a show through your eyelids. Zzzzzzzzz.

  2. One more thing. Do you watch 2 Broke Girls? Now that's a sitcom!!! Funny stuff - well, more funny than New Girl, at least.

  3. I only watched the first episode and I was on the fence: I love Zooey. I really want to like the show but it felt super forced and only a few "bits" struck me as funny.

    I'll watch the second episode on demand and see what the final verdict is. That's lame to switch out characters like that. The least they can do is try to match personality as well as skin tone.

  4. I don't like cast changes. Shows have a certain chemistry, and when you cahnge that with new people, it rarely works.

  5. So funny that you mention this, because my friend and I had the exact same conversation last night!

  6. I'm getting back into pop culture and I watched maybe 7 min of happy ednings and had to turn it off. I also the pilot for the zooey show (which was boring as heck for me) and noticed the waynes guy cwitched shows. lame.

  7. I watched the first episode and I didn't like it at all. I didn't think it was funny but then the second episode was much better. I may try and watch it again this week. I didn't really notice the difference between Coach and Winston...I actually think that one of the white guys is the funny one (I can't remember his name).

  8. I was wondering what was going on ith that! I agree completely! New dude is not funny!
    And Happy Endings sucks!


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