Friday, September 30, 2011

Fill In The Blank Friday

It's been one helluva Friday guys. Had to take my lil bro to the ER for an almost broken ankle (fyi it's not broken) at 4am...definitely not something I wanted to do on my day off. So now I'm in bed watching the latest episode of 'Revenge' & I gotta say, I'm sorta diggin' it.

But now it's time for -->

  1. My current obsession is reading. I'd been spending way too much time online so when a company sent me some books to review I was ubber happy. To top it off they're pretty much exactly the kind of mystery/serial killer books I would have bought.
  2. Fall tv shows being back make me happy.
  3. My greatest strength is being able to make lists like an OCD maniac. <-- Yeah, I really have no clue ha-ha.
  4. Sam's Club cheese pizza & wild berry sundaes is my biggest weakness.
  5. My life is great but has been pretty low key lately. I haven't really gone on any trips or gone out for a night on the town. Sometimes I feel like I'm 50 instead of 28 ha-ha.
  6. In high school I was different every year. My freshman year I was a popular cheerleader, sophomore year I was a rebel, junior year I was trying to be a bookworm to make up for the last 2 yrs, and senior year I was a loner.
  7. When I'm super tired I'm super cranky and am not to be messed with. Rusty knows not to talk to me too much when I'm tired cause I'll snap at you more than a snapping turtle.

Happy Friday y'all! Join in on the fun by copying the blanks, filling them in & linking up your blog at The Little Things We Do so others can check you out.



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