Monday, September 19, 2011

Emmy Awards 2011: Best & Worst Dressed

To be totally honest, I had completely forgotten that the Emmy's were on last night until I started channel surfing for some background noise while I read <-- this is what happens when you take the weekend off from interweb. Yikes!

Luckily I caught it during the opening so I didn't much except Jane Lynch singing off key. I gotta say they did a great job with the show this year & Jane Lynch was a funny & upbeat host, it did get a little cheesy at times but mostly it was enjoyable. I heard on the radio this morning that people are calling it one of the best, if not "the" best show ever & even though it was good, I wouldn't go that far.

What I wasn't too impressed with was the ladies fashion choices. Usually they'll go over the top with fancy shmancy dresses but it was pretty low key this year *cough* Kate Winslet *cough*. I'm not saying it was a bad thing, it was just different. So from the little choices I had, here are my Best & Worst Dressed picks -->


top to bottom: Jennifer Westfeldt (loved the ankle length & yellow), Heather Morris, Evan Rachel Wood, Emily Blunt (looked amazing in this color & looked classy), Colbie Smulders (really set herself apart with this goddess like bright blue dress), Kate Winslet (totally rocked a simply classic red dress to it's full potential), Maria Bello, Martha Plimpton (liked just about everything about this dress, color, neck line, wide straps, tail), Sofia Vergara (looked smokin' in this tight fiting bright Vera Wang gown & the earrings only added to the look).


top to bottom: Claire Danes (this awkward pattern/sparkle thing didnt do it for me & didnt do her small frame any favors), Eva la Rue (was she going for the gypsy gone wrong look?), Gwyneth Paltrow (what's up with the see through mid section?), Heidi Klum (I wanted to like it but couldnt get past the pom-pom look), Jayma Mays (hello little bo peep), Julianna Marguiles (no, just no! I think she might have lost a bet.), Kelly Macdonald (not horrid but not cute either), Olivia Munn (what was she even doing there, she's only been in one movie...also she should be banned from future awards show cause of this awful green mess of a dress), Paz De La Huerta (not only does she look drunk but the dress looks as cheap as she does), Taraji P. Henson (reminds me of a holiday table cloth my mom has). >/div>

Now that you've seen my picks do you agree or disagree with them? Who were some of your best & worst picks from last nights Emmy's?



  1. When I saw Gywnie's midriff, I thought to myself, well, even she has a few rolls. Then again, it might just be the fabric (and the cameras) that gave that appearance. But it made me feel a little better regardless. ;p

    I wouldn't say it was the best show ever, but it was okay.

  2. I thought Heather Morris had THE best dress of all of them, hands down. Very striking.

    Gwynneth Paltrow doesn't know how to dress most of the time. She has no waistline and so it cuts her in half and she looks shapeless.
    Too bad beautiful Heidi Klum's hemline was so 'runway' couture.
    The green dress is just horrid.
    The pink with the one leg missing is just bad design.

    So yeah, I'd have to say I agree with you.

  3. I didn't watch the Emmy's but judging from the pictures, you were pretty spot on!

  4. Martha Plimpton was my favorite hands down. I gasped when I saw it. It's perfect in every way.
    And I'm NEVER impressed with Heidi Klum.


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