Sunday, September 4, 2011

Cinderella11pm ...She's Not Your Ordinary Princess

No, not the hoity toity Disney Princess. This Cinderella is real. The best part is she likes to write about about the good/bad parts of her life like us 'real' people do and she also reviews things and hosts some awesome giveaways for her readers.

A couple of weeks ago someone had thrown in a link to Cinderella11pm on their post and mentioned how great and interesting her site was. And of course, being the skeptic that I am I just had to go over and disprove this, ha ha.

However when I got there and started reading her posts about her life and beyond honest reviews of B&B's (no joke, check it out here) I knew she was for real. Not to mention her tag line is totally something I'd use -->


While browsing her posts a couple of days ago I came across a couple personal posts that have to do with family and they were all so heartfelt, I could feel her emotions. To say she's had it tough with her parents would be a complete understatement but she's braved it through & I think turned out to be a better/tougher person because of it. I love it when bloggers don't hold back on the truth and what their life's really like. It's can't always rainbows & sunshine, we all know it, but it's nice to read about the bad with the good. At least for me.

I was also really surprised by the amount of reviews on restaurants, hotels & B&B's she got going on too. I wish I could go around reviewing that many cool places, you know as long as it's not on my dollar. She's got a whole section on just that, you can check it out here.

If you were to ask me what sections of her blog I spend the most time on I'd have to say it's her Mind, Body & Soul section (these are rambling posts & you know how much I love rambling) and her Luxury Travel section cause I like to pretend that I went on the trip too, ha-ha.

So yeah, if you guys have a free minute or are looking for new blog to read then check out Laura's blog Cinderella11pm cause it is pretty cool.


I'd also like to mention that Laura is currently giving away a fabulous $300 gift card to a spa of the winners choice!

Who the heck gives away $300, right? Well apparently she does because it's coming out of her pocketbook.

It's super easy to enter her giveaways too, all you do is leave a comment...just one. No jumping hoops or anything, just leave a simple comment. Giveaway ends on Sept. 9 so hurry on over to Cinderella11pm & enter!

(or just click here)


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  1. SERIOUSLY...sign me up! I'll call her princess if she gives me a massage.


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