Thursday, August 11, 2011

That Pretty Face Doesn't Match That Bad Attitude...

We have this new girl on the cleaning crew at work who looks nothing like you'd expect a girl who picks up trash for a living to look like.

Don't get all pissy about me discriminating either, it's totally not like that at all...my dad was a janitor for a while so I give myself permission to knock 'em. It's a lot like being Mexican, I can call other Mexicans 'beans' or 'wabs' but only because I'm one of them.

She's got great skin, nice hair, thin, good posture...you know, everything you'd expect to see in a girl working at Victoria's Secret or a designer shoe store. Well, I think someone forgot to tell this little lady that the up scale attitude that's meant for those types of jobs aren't needed in the cleaning industry.

No joke, girls' got a straight up bitch face.

The other morning while she was taking out my trash I thought it would be nice to thank her, so I did. What did I get in return? The side eye with a bit of "whatever" attached to it.

It was a lot like this. Only my boobs aren't anywhere near Jane Mansfield's size :(

I'm pretty nice to just about everyone when I first meet them, regardless of what they do for a living. I've rarely met anyone that truly likes what they do but a job is a job and we do it becuase it gives us money. I just don't get why I got attitude for trying to be nice person. Geez.

I somewhat vented to Rusty about it this morning...

Me: I was totally nice to her and then she turns around and gives me the side eye and bitchface? Really?

Rusty: Well, she does pick up trash for a living and all you do is sit there. All. Day. Doing nothing.

Me: That's not my fault. You still don't have to be a bitch about it. Really, no one likes what they do. I was downgraded, I had a way better job than this before they downsized. I accepted it and moved on. God. *eye roll*

Rusty: Yeah...you probably shouldn't tell her that.

Me: Hmm...you're probably right.

I get that some people aren't very nice to their cleaning crew but I am. I love the hell outta them cause I hate to clean. My dad worked his ass off, it's hard work, I respect it. But just because one person may have talked down to you at one point doesn't mean you should hate on everyone.

Either way, I'm done thanking her. I'll save my thank you's for the little old lady that vacuums my cubicle...at least then I get the courtesy of a 1/2 smile.



  1. i am the same way! i truly & genuinely appreciate what our housekeeping staff does! i always make sure to thank them and let them know how appreciated they are. keep on being thankful to her, i'm sure she'll warm up after a while!

  2. i am one of those people who say hello and thank the cleaning crew ALL the time. so far, i've been lucky to not have any mean or bitchy ones.

  3. I know they probably hate their job but seriously who doesnt. Jeez. Hey you tried being all nice and look where that got you. If I were you, next time I'd leave something really stinky in the trash. (want a dia
    Er? Lol)
    Ps my whole family comes from a long line of janitors so I hear ya.

  4. I do the same with our cleaning guy! He comes through on second shift, and he's super nice. I always thank him and we chat every now and then when he's not in a hurry (it's not his only job). I can't believe she was so bitchy to you!!

  5. That's one of my favorite pictures ever!

  6. I really like reading your blog posts, Lin. You tell it like it is!

    If someone is helping clean your space, it is really nice that you appreciate it and tell them so.

    For her to give you attitude, I suspect that she was was feeling insecure and had a wall around herself so that she didn't feel badly about what she does for a living.

    Some people are so afraid the world is a mean place that they don't know how to be kind themselves.

    And the lady that vaccuums your cubicle is proabably glad to be appreciated and not afraid to show it!


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