Thursday, August 18, 2011

Um...I Think You Forgot To Say Something

I'm a nice person most of the time. I totally like doing things for others and it doesn't bother me to help someone out because that's what friends are for.

What does bother me...really really bothers me is not being thanked for what I did.

It's not like it's a difficult thing to say. People use these two magical smile inducing words at least a dozen times a day. Heck, I say them when I'm handed food through the drive-thru window, that's how easily they come out.

Most of the time I'll point out someones rudeness by telling them 'yeah...you're totally welcome' when they've neglected to thank me but it feels forced & that's about as awesome as winning 3rd place.

So next time someone does you a favor, teeny tiny or big, make sure you thank them because if they're anything like me, they've made a mental note of your jerkness & won't be as happy to help you out next time.


Is a "thank you" important to you or could you care less?



  1. thank you's are TOTALLY important!

  2. So this is a huge debate in our household. While I'm with you, I want to be thanked cause I admit, sometimes it makes MY day, My Hubs says you shouldn't do {favor, kind gesture} if you are seeking to be thanked.

    But what gives?! I say, if the person you do the favor for, give a gift too, etc. doesn't thank you, I'd call them out on it. They're the ones being rude. I mean, you could have let that door swing in their face but nope, you held it open.

    p.s. I love your comeback...gonna have to remember that for next time.

  3. HUGE deal in my house. My children all know to say "thank you" after receiving anything (change at a store, a door held open, a birthday present, a cookie at a friend's house, etc.). I say thank you to everyone, from the drive through people at McD's (if it weren't for them I couldn't get my talons around that large sugar free iced coffee, after all) to the guys who change my oil, to the person who holds the door at the post office.

    Sadly, it seems to be a dying habit. I don't want to turn into one of those crazy bitter old people who bitch about the "young punks" working behind the counter but sometimes I want to reach over the counter and whap them on the head with my bag. And stand up straight, you whippersnappers.

  4. Thanks you's are a BIG thing to me. The way I was Raised was that good manners are not only important, they are essential. Without good manners you dont have anything! I always say thank you for even the smallest things. My husband on the other hand? was not raised the same way I was. His mother was bowled over (and still is sometimes) about the things that I thank her for, or how I try and help out when im around and ect. I've totally made my husband start learning how to say thank you cause nothing ticks me off more than going out of my way to give him a ride somewhere or do something for him and not even get so much as a thanks. (He said that he appreciates it even if he doesn't say it...but I want to HEAR IT. selfish maybe....but important to me!) (and I ALWAYS say thanks!) ok...rant over haha!

  5. Those two words are some of the most important words in the world! I like to call them on the rudeness too and say "you're welcome" just to remind them to say it next time.

  6. Thank you is very important and can be very meaningful.

    When I do something for someone and they don't say thank you, I always say to them, "YOU'RE WELCOME" - in the most sarcastic tone.

  7. while i don't rely on others to make me feel good, thank you is a sign of courtesy. it is one of the simplest things people can do, it doesn't take a lot of time to do it. saying thanks is something that my mom taught me.

  8. I definitely think thank you is an important thing to say. So is please. I ALWAYS say please & thank you, no matter who I'm talking to, if they've done something nice for me because that is just how I was raised. That is what I think is PART of the problem. Most people weren't raised that way, so they don't think twice about it.

  9. I feel just like you! And I say thank you to people at the drive through window too :)

  10. THANK YOU is hugely important to me, Lin. To say it AND to hear it.

    Great points and great post!

    Good manners take only a split second to do.

  11. seriously. The worst is when I don't get a thank you wave from the person I let in front of me when driving (driver or pedestrian)


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