Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. For the first time in years I went straight to bed when I got home from work yesterday and actually slept through the entire night. I know I've said sleeping more than 10 hrs makes me wake up with a hangover feeling but that wasn't the case this morning. I feel great!

2. Sadly, I've run into kids that are this dumb.

3. Tomorrow's marks the date that Rusty & I started dating, 8 years ago. I know I should at least have something small planned but yeah, I got nothin'.

4. Carpal tunnel is a mean mean bitch.

5. Remember how I said my mom & I were throwing a baby shower for my bro & SIL this weekend? Well my mom's back decided to be a jerk & she can no longer move more than a centimeter without crying out in pain so it looks like this whole baby shin-dig is in my hands. All I can say is, this is not going to turn out well cause I suck under pressure.

6. I hope no one ever looks at me like this, lol.

7. You can try tricking yourself into thinking your lame applesauce breakfast is amazingly good but the truth is it's still mushed up apples that taste like crappy babyfood :(

8. Sometimes I take offense to the fact that no one's ever stolen my blog content. Am I not good enough to steal?

9. Money is so tight right now it's not even funny. I just had to call & get my car payment deferred...oy. I can already tell this is gonna be one low budget holiday season, again. Sucks. Hope Rusty liked last years socks cause he's getting them again.

10. Question: Does the host of a party still have to give the guest of honor(s) a gift or is the party the gift? Opinions please.

One day closer to the holiday weekend, woot! I've also decided to add a linky to this post since I know a couple of people also write a "10 on Tuesday" post & I'd hate to miss reading them. So, if you write one or decide to write one, leave your link so we can check it out.



  1. usually, the guests of honor provide a gift to the host, rather than the other way around. or thats how i've always seen/done it. : )

    so no, i dont think you have to. your gift is throwing the party!

  2. Interesting that Nichole has seen it the other way around. I guess it totally depends on where you live. In my neck o' the woods, a gift is a requirement regardless of who's hosting. Although I totally agree with Nicole's POV, for the record.

    Now, I think my nuts are needing to be washed. Wait. That sounded bad. And transgender. Never mind.

  3. Yeah, I agree with Marla, usually you still have to get the guest of honor something. How about the receipt to throw the party? What, tacky?

    Ugh, I suck under pressure too but I know you can do it. Just think in 2 - 3 hours all will be over and you can go home and have a margarita...or something.

    Oh, I hear ya about money. My checkbook looks like a slaughterhouse. Oy. And sadly, I don't think there will be a gift exchange in our house this year.

  4. Ok..would I even have a blog if I didn't copy your stuff so frequently? Thanks for motivating me to write, I did my own Ten on Tuesday.

    As far as the shower gift goes, you know what? If you're strapped right now, you don't have to get her anything. Here in Minneapolis, the party is usually considered the gift, especially when it's thrown for a family member by another family member who isn't exactly rolling in hundred dollar bills.

    And this morning I tried telling myself that my light blueberry yogurt was actually a big plate of scrambled eggs, bacon and crispy fried hashbrowns. Yeah. Didn't work for me, either.

    The stealing thing: I noticed that someone has a homemade soap company called "The Happy Hausfrau" and even though I know it's not MY legal, copyrighted name I still feel a little possessive. But I'd pity the fool who would steal my blog content. That would be as sad as someone stealing my identity. Go for it, sucker.

    P.S. Damn you Auto Correct is the most brilliant website, ever. I pee my pants almost every time I read it. Plus I laugh super hard.

  5. Totally agree with number 2 - the education kids are getting is more and more lacking. Not enough tecahers, too mnay kids in a class, texting and spell-check destroying reading and comprehension skills, etc.

    My empathy about the carpal tunnel.

    Do you just not like Rusty anymore? Is that why no present - or are finances just too tight?

    Yeah, applesauce is just applesauce no matter what you try to call it or how you dress it up!

  6. I can't remember the last time I had more that 4 or 5 hours of sleep at night. Oh, parenthood.

    #2 & #6 made me laugh.

    & I def. feel you abt money being tight.


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