Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ten On Tuesday

  1. As awesome as 10hrs of sleep sounds, I can tell you that oversleeping actually feels a lot like a hangover. Pass the ibuprofen please.
  2. I may or may not have played hooky & stayed home 'sick' today.
  3. TNT better not ever cancel 'The Closer' anytime soon or they will be getting lots of angry letters from me.
  4. Just when I thought Rusty's hobbies couldn't get any nerdier he mentions he wants to get into playing Dungeons & Dragons. All I can say is, he's so luck he's cute.
  5. This movie has a lot of big names in it so I'm a little skeptical about it but I'm a little excited about it because of the story line.

  6. Dinner the last couple of nights has consisted of cereal. Yeah, totally Seinfeld style.
  7. So I hear the East Coast had a huge earthquake this morning & everyone was freakin' out. I get that it's something new to them but I'm not gonna lie, I was sitting here on the 'we get earthquakes monthly' West Coast watching my twitter stream and rolling my eyes at how freaked out everyone was.
  8. As much as I swore I'd hate it, I really really liked the movie Country Strong. It also made me realize how hot guys in tight jeans, cowboy boots and cowboy hats are. Rawr.
  9. No lie, this is today's outfit.
  10. The hardest part about losing 4 lbs is trying to figure out how I did it & trying not to gain them back.



  1. 2) Everyone needs to do that once in a while.

    4) No, way. That's a little too nerdy for me. Funny though.

    6) I sometimes prefer cereal for dinner. I am usually not that hungry in the evening. Now lunchtime on the other hand...

    9) Rock on!

    10) Yay for you!

  2. #3: DUDE. Love that show. Gasped at last night's ending. Tell me it isn't true!

    #5: I felt the same way, but it could be good. It has to be good. Dammit, it's gonna be bad ...

    #8: Are you sure? I'm scared.

  3. Congrats on losing 4 lbs. I would ask you what your secret is but it's clear, you don't know, lol!

    I think about watching Country Strong but I keep thinking I won't like it.

    Advil is my best friend these days!

  4. #9 totally made me laugh out loud. And NO, it has nothing to do with the fact that that's my wardrobe every. day.

  5. 1. Agreed. But every now and then I get so tired that 10 hours is a good thing. A very good thing.

    2. I've been fighting the urge to do that since last Thursday...

    3. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this is the final season *ducks and hides*

    7. I thought the first earthquake I felt was part of a dream. For reals. The little ones really aren't that scary.

    9. Sounds great to me!

    10. Could be water weight? Whatever it was, yay for you!!

  6. I thought this was the last season of The Closer? Maybe I'm wrong.But I do love me some Keira Sedwig...or however you spell her name, lol.

    I do want to Country Strong and then I don't. Good ol Gwyenth is sort of ruining it for me.

    Aw, Rusty's a nerd but you still love him.

    Way to go on the weight loss! Whoop!

  7. I feel much better since I am still in my bathrobe too at 10:00 a.m. :)

  8. wrangler butts drive me nuts
    ha ha

  9. M again - I popped over from Lauren's blog... and I think I'm addicted!


    #1 - that is what I do on weekends. I don't sleep enough all week, clearly.

    #3 - I'm such a fan of this show. I may have googled it to find out if it was canceled because I couldn't stand the suspense. Yes, I'm a nerd. My research was awhile ago, so it could have changed, but I think Keira Sedgwick wants to leave because her family is in New York and spending so much time away from them isn't worth it anymore. However I heard a rumour that they're continuing the show, possibly with Raydore (sp?) taking the lead. I'll give it a try, but I'm very skeptical that it'll be worth watching without Keira.

    #5 - I love that the big names make you skeptical - me too, but no one seems to understand since they're the reason many people DO want to watch movies

    #6 - I am quickly becoming convinced based on your sense of humour and clear love of The Closer that you are a woman of impeccable taste. So I might actually watch Country Strong now.

    Thanks for all the giggles - love the bathrobe cartoon!!



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