Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ten On Tuesday

1. Coming up with 10 random thoughts is proving to be a lot more difficult today than it normally is. If you see my brain please tell that bastard it's needed asap!

2. Breakfast with the SIL was sort of a bust because my tag-along mother, well tagged along. We didn't really get to talk anything out but we were civilized and I did throw a couple of jabs her way. You know, just a friendly "hey you were totally a bitch the other day, just kidding! Ha, no I'm not...maybe."

3. Hearing your 55 year old co-workers talk about the latest episode of Jersey Shore and Jerseylicious may lead to you to almost ramming your pen into one of your ears.

4. Rusty offered to pay for his sisters' family hotel stay if they visit next month. I'm really hoping they don't have their heart set on staying at the 4.5 star hotel they stayed at before because all we can afford right now is the crack hotel on the bad side of the city that even the cops tend to avoid.

5. Flaming Hot Cheetos w/Lemon are delicious but these are my new Cheeto obsession:

6. A shopping spree (little or big) is definitely needed.

7. I've worn glasses for so many years I'm beginning to not like the way I look without them. Sadly, I think other people are too. My mom actually said "Lin, you look so weird without your glasses on" the other day but the way she said it didn't suggest I looked different it sort of insinuated I looked worse. Thanks for the self confidence boost ma!

8. Decisions, decisions. I'm starving and the only thing I have to eat is an Orange. Thing is, Oranges give me the bubble guts...so it's either staying hungry or having a semi full belly with side of belly ache. *sad face*

9. Acrylic nails don't necessarily make you look professional when they're over an inch long & painted to resemble an L.A. alley wall.

10. Going over your budget sucks butt. I've spent almost $100 over what I had budgeted for us til next payday and now I have no choice but to put it back on payday...thus making us even more poor then. I hate that they're not working Rusty more hours. Guess I should be thankful he has a job though :/



  1. #2) darn momma! It sucks you didn't get to talk anything out.

    #3) You've got to be kidding me.

    #6) Amen!

    #9) I fully agree with this. I hate seeing nails on ladies that are that long. It's stupid.

    #10) I second that comment.

  2. 1. I hear ya!

    2. Momma, stay home! is what you should have said. Kidding, cause I think she probably would have given you the ol' guilt trip.

    3. Um, what is she doing watching MTV anyway?

    4.You need to give them choices of either Motel 6, HoJo or holiday Inn...that's it. You ain't no money tree.

    5. gross Lin but I haven't tried them. So I won't knock it...yet.

    7. I know! I love my glasses but when I wear them people get all weird on me. What gives.

    8. sad face :(

    9. I like acrylic nails but the whole tapping on the key board totally anooys the crap out of me.

    10. Yeah, budget sucks.

  3. i love those cheetos! i can eat the whole bag!

  4. Flaming hot cheetos with lemon??? I want but I know I can't get here.

  5. Your SIL called. She wanted me to remind you (without your mother present) that you're still a bit**.

    Hey. Don't shoot the messenger. I reminded her that you're still mad at her for that one thing. She said you'd know.

  6. oof sorry that breakfast didn't go the way you wanted. Those things so rarely do but the important thing is you made that first move and put those big girl pants on! Maybe that will make her think about acting differently towards you in the future and stop being so dumb! (fingers crossed!) Acrylic nails only look good when they are either a solid color or when they are kept fairly neutral. Well IMO anyways. and budgeting? I SOOO feel you on that! We are on a paper thin budget these last couple of weeks...its so exhausting. Stupid bills.


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