Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ten On Tuesday

1. The smell of cinnamon, raisins, cream cheese icing & roasted coconut is filling my section of the department & I can honestly say it is one of the best smells in the world. *deep breathe*

2. I've decided to be the bigger person in the whole SIL debacle & have invited her out to breakfast on Friday. I'm hoping we can both put on our big girl pants & hash out all of our issues before my nephew is brought into this dysfunctional ass family.

3. How is it at all possible for our budget to be smaller than it was when the hubs was unemployed? I am seriously doing something wrong here.

4. I'm going to the Barnum & Bailey circus tomorrow & no lie, I'm pretty uneasy about seeing those scary ass clowns. Why do they have to be so damn freaky looking? Totally gives me the heebie jeebies.

5. Having one of the simplest last names doesn't guarantee that someone won't fuck it up. People are always adding an 'S' or an 'E' to the end of mine even though it's spelled just like the damn object.

6. My favorite pair of Levi's are hanging on by a thread. Like for reals, the inside thigh part is coming apart & I'm afraid if I wear them one more time I'll end up with leg vent. Sad times.

7. I'm so out of the world news loop...did I hear that London is having ginormous riots or something? I thought those bastards were supposed to be the peaceful ones? I honestly thought America would be the first to go all riot-like due to the shitty economy, unfair government, crap education & medical plans. *sigh* I guess everyone needs to work their shit out in their own way.

8. I bought myself a gift from EdenFantasys over the weekend. I'm a little excited & a little nervous cause I don't normally buy these sorts of things over the web...hopefully it'll be as cool as the video review made it look. FYI: I bought 'it' with the gift cards I received for my sponsored posts. It's a great way to get stuff, you should totally check it out!

9. Sometimes I wish hot guys would throw us married women a bone & flirt with us every now & then. This ring don't mean I'm invisible fellas! Everyone needs a little morale boost once in a while & by everyone I, of course mean ME. I haven't been hit on in years...with the exception of very large bull-dyke a few months ago. God bless her big-o vag loving heart.

10. Overly friendly people always seem fake to me. As genuine as they might be I can't help but *side eye* them with suspicion just to let them know I'm on to their little game.



  1. 1. Swoon.

    2. Good job. You might as well take the high road and if all else fails, kick her in the shins and run away real fast.

    3. Everything costs more, girlfriend!

    4. Hate clowns. Hate the circus.

    5. You should hear how people butcher my last name. Makes me crazy. Especially since it's relatively straightforward.

    6. Boo. Sad Panda.

    7. Uh. Londonites are assholes. Seriously. And yeah, how come mass rioting hasn't really caught on in the States? You'd think we'd all be fed up enough at this point.

    8. OOOH!

    9. I get hit on a lot. I'm not really sure why.

    10. Amen.

  2. 1. Mmm......

    2. Good for you!! At least if she still acts all ridiculous you can feel good knowing you did everything in your power to make things right.

    3. Insurance takes a big ol' chunk out of my paycheck...maybe that's it?

    4. Have you read It? I wasn't freaked out by clowns until after I read/watched.

    5. I can't imagine the frustration. My maiden name was "Cipullo" and even though I knew it was bizarre hearing people butcher it made me twitchy.

    6. *snif*

    7. Yeah...so sad!

    8. Oooh....fun!

    9. It is fun, even if it makes my husband antsy! When I went out with my bestie a couple weekends ago, I had a guy (who knew I was married) tell me I was "the prettiest girl in the bar" and "it should be a crime for me to leave my house". I think I puffed up like a peacock.

    10. Yes. They are suspicious. They must want something!

  3. haha
    don't you live in L.A.? men there don't care, single, married, trannies - they'll flirt with anyone wearing a skirt!

  4. 4. Clowns are *evil* period. Good luck!

    5. Okay, my maiden name was "Fassett", pronouced "facet". Can't tell you how often I was told that a) I spelled my name wrong, and b)pronounced my name wrong. One woman actually said, "Sweetie, your name is pronounced like 'faucet' you should know that." Really? Think any will ever tell Favre he pronounces his dang name wrong???

    6. I feel your jeans pain. Hard core. I. am. so. sorry.

    7. You find that funny too??

    9. I'd love to be flirted with. I've been married to a great guy for 20 years but, let's face it, I'm lucky if he opens his eyes to talk to me lol.


  5. The last part of #9 made me laugh SO hard!

  6. Ohh what'd ya get from EdenFantasty? Seriously, the best toy ever invented is a bullet that goes on a ring, that goes on him. Yes'sir. I don't know how many times I've called my mom up to send me another one Sure, TMI, whatev. :P


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