Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ten On Tuesday

1. It's so aggravating when someone I was just talking smack on turns around & is nice to me. Nice way to stick it to me, goody-two-shoes.

2. We made it to the water park last week...sort of. We technically only made it to the parking lot because I dropped the tickets when I picked up the god-kids at their house. It wouldn't have bothered me so much if I hadn't of already paid the non-refundable parking before I realized I didn't have them. So it looks like we'll be trying it again on Thursday. This time I'll have Rusty hold on to them since I obviously can't be trusted.

3. Twitter's going nuts with BlogHer talk. I know it's this weekend & people are super excited about it but I'm over it...let's move on.

4. Rusty likes to express his emotions through art -->

5. My SIL has once again shown me I'm not one of the cool kids. She barricaded herself within her army of hip clothes wearing, poofy haired, baby toting friends at her baby shower this weekend instead of mingling with everyone. I was hurt at first but then remembered I hate girls like that. (not the babies though, they were cute..some of them.)

6. I can't help but laugh when someone farts. Yes, I revert back to being 10 years old sometimes.

7. Lazy or procrastinating people should never ever use Redbox. I rented 2 movies 3 days ago & those damn charges are racking up cause I keep 'forgetting' to return them. So much for only spending a $1.

8. People who pretend their pets can talk and actually do the voice for them annoy the hell out of me. Your pet can't talk! And, in the highly unlikely scenario where it did it most likely wouldn't be in a baby voice. Seriously, if you're going to look like a jack ass by talking for your pet why not give them a cool English or Russian accent? Geez.

9. This drawing made today so much better. Especially because she was sort of a floozy, ha ha.

10. You guys should totally enter my newest giveway! It's for a swing/jazz/rockabilly album, the singer is absolutely amazing. No joke, she's so good that she makes me want to slip into something 50's retro & get my dance on...fo' reals. Check it out, cause sadly there's only 1 entry. *heartache* (read my review here, includes music video)



  1. Someone at my work farted one time and tried to cover it up with a cough. Her timing was all wrong so the cough came out first and then the fart. I had to use all my power to not burst out in laughter and tears.

  2. Number 9 just cracked me up:)

  3. 1. That happens to me a lot too. I just decide that they found out and feel bad about being such an asshole all the time.

    2. Doh.

    3. Ugh. Ditto.

    4. Nice.

    5. Hmmm. I'd say I'm totally one of those girls, but I'm afraid I am tragically unhip and have very unpoofy hair. I do have kids attached to me frequently, though.

    6. I just gag.

    7. Once DH thought it was $1 for an unlimited amount of time. The $20 bill cured him of that.

    8. Ugh. No kidding. It's gross.

    9. Tee hee.

    10. Do I have to lick my elbow and turn clockwise fifteen times?

  4. I prefer farts over burps. But someone made fun of me for laughing at these Hoops & yoyo ecards for hours.


    (they're all hilarious but click on the knock-knock birthday and birthday in Paris for sure.) WARNING: you might pee your pants a little.

  5. I love the art!! And I, too, still laugh at all things fart-related. Staying young at heat is important, right?

  6. ok I love the bannana art....you should check out the bloggesses (how does one spell that plural?) post on creepy bannana messages....i should really do that at work haha!! Also- if you cant laugh at a good fart/fart joke then you need to loosen up! lets face it, flatulance is just funny!


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