Monday, August 15, 2011

Stop With The Shitty Movies Already!

I love my movies. I spend lot & lots of money every month by heading to the local theater & watching those new flicks on the big screen. Usually I don't mind because they're worth it but it's really aggravating when Hollywood wants to keep remaking classics and ruining them or they want to continue with a story that has long since died.

*cough* Sex & the City 2 *cough*

I was catching up on my gossip this morning when I came upon a couple of articles that instantly turned my smile into a frown...

Did you guys hear that some moron out there is planning on remaking Dirty Dancing? No joke, there should be a law against this. If anything, we should be able to all walk up to him & kick him in the shins. You don't mess with a classic & you don't mess with Patrick Swayze's gorgeous tight pants memory. The end.

The not-so-funnyman known as Mike Meyers has just signed onto star in another installment of Austin Powers, making this upcoming film the 4th. The first movie got a good chuckle out of me but the rest just stunk. Stop this!

And as if the British weren't getting enough attention with Pippa Middleton's butt they're trying to step up their game by officially making a 3rd sequel to 'Bridgette Jones Diary'. Honestly, I had never seen (or wanted to see) the first 2. I only did it because Rusty swore they were good, which he was semi right about, but there's no need for a third movie. Especially when it might revolve around Bridgette not being able to get knocked up by the good guy so she goes back to the bad guy, hence making her a bit of trollop in my eyes.

So again, I say...stop making shitty movies!



  1. Ok, I'm actually excited about a 3rd Bridget movie. I love that fat ol' gal! But the storyline? Notsomuch. Bridget gets pregnant by Cleaver and then Darcy takes her back. What respectable lawyer would do that ?!?Hopefully, that storyline hits the cutting room floor.

    And, ummm, the remake of Footloose? They are ruining that classic!!!!!!!

  2. Totally Agree... Nobody puts baby in a corner, or a remake for that matter! LET IT GO...Hollywood needs to come up with some new things on their own...not something they are just going to remake or use the same characters and/or plot again.

    and Im with Maria about FootLoose!

  3. They should DEFINITELY not remake Dirty Dancing! Rest in Peace, Patrick S.

    Occasionally a remake is good, but usually the originals are classics and can't be improved.

  4. There is hardly any originality anymore. Remakes of everything (hello? Footloose??? Who on earth would be able to capture sweet, dorky Chris Penn trying to dance?), spending $$$$ on pointless, banal crap (Smurfs? Really?). Luckily, there are some really great gems hidden in the big piles of lameness out there. It just takes some work finding them.


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