Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Registries Are My Way Of Knowing You Probably Won't Regift...

Stores definitely got it right when they invented the wedding/baby shower registry.

I'm the type of person that likes to know I'm getting you a gift you'll definitely like, use and/or want. I can't stand it when someone gets me a gift that I don't particularly care for and I have to force my disappointed frown into a happy 'omg, thaaank you SO much' face.

It causes wrinkles. (I'm almost sure of this)

If I'm invited to a party the first thing I ask is if they're registered somewhere and if they're not then I flat out ask them what they want, honestly. Some are surprised by the bluntness of the question and stupidly stutter something along the lines of a gift card, which I'm totally cool with, just tell me where you want it from or else you're gonna to end up with a $25 card to Jiffy Lube.

The SIL registered for a couple of things for her baby shower and when I looked at her list and noticed almost all of her items were still available I thought "Awesome, there's a ton to pick from! At least I wont be stuck buying the baby a pair of socks and wipes."

(I may or may not have done my shopping the night before the party)

Except I never counted on there still being people out there who don't know the simple rule of registry shopping...you have to have the cashier scan the registry with the items you purchase or they won't be marked down as bought.

Isn't this common adult knowledge? I thought everyone knew this!

Obviously, I was wrong because the SIL ended up getting two of almost everything, including some of the items I purchased. And in case you're wondering, this pretty much tops having to guess what someone wants on the 'shit that pisses me off' list.

Are you a registry fan or do you like playing the gift guessing game?



  1. I completely believe in registries. And I'm with you, I don't see how people don't know how to use them. It's really annoying to be the one GETTING double of everything because having to return a dozen things is really annoying!

  2. omg, when it comes to big gifts like weddings, baby showers, etc - i love having a registry. i need to know what the couple needs especially when i'm buying them something "big" (not that it has to be). i need it to be straight to the point and spelled out for me. i have no time to guess, i am an impatient shopper.

  3. I think registries are absolutely brilliant! And you're right, it is infuriating when people don't get the things they buy marked and you wind up duplicating!

  4. It's a lot easier when people register, and by registering you won't get 2 of everything... well you would think you wouldn't get 2 of everything:)

  5. I love registries too! It takes guessing what people want out of the equation. I use to make my friends do up a wish list for their birthdays and Christmas.

    But it irks me when people don't know to ask what they just bought removed from the registry.

  6. I am a total registry fan! I love knowing what people WANT and NEED instead of a total shot in the dark. cause if not then that leaves me in several stressful moments of, is this too much, or too little, or crappy or AUGHHH!! they dont really do registries over here and I am NOT A FAN!!! If I have a baby or when I have my big wedding I want to register, or when friends have kids I want them to register. I see a lot of gift cards in thier futures...lol. (can you tell im finally catching up on my commenting??)


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