Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Having A Conscience & Bieng Broke Don't Mix Well

Given my new found poor folk-ness I decided to put a few things up for sale on Craigslist over the weekend. Yeah, you pretty much know you've hit rock fucking bottom when you're looking around your closet asking yourself "what can I sell?" out loud.

FYI: I'm not so poor that we're starving or anything. I just don't have enough to pay my past due electric bill. And before you ask, no I cannot turn off my a/c! I live in the dessert, I'll shrivel up & die fo' sho.

Now back to the Criagslist thing...so I put up these tickets to a water park that I bought but never used. I thought for sure people would want them if I put them up for 1/2 the price...what a deal, right? Well they were up for 2 days & I got no offers. Nada.

Guess everyones as poor as I am.

Until this morning when some dude offered me $15 less than my asking price. Normally I would have told him to go away cause this girl doesn't haggle but since I didn't have any takers & I need the money I told him I'd take $10 off but that's as low as I was going. I meant business y'all.

Dude took the offer but not only could he not pick them up at my house, I'd also have to meet him 1/2 way and he also couldn't get the money together til Friday. *sigh* I think he sensed I was a sucker from the get-go.

Being the desperate nice person that I am, I agreed to it.

I know what you guys are thinking..."Really? Really you agreed to this shit?" And yes, yes I did. I know, I've let you all down but being broke makes you weak.

Then....I swear no more than 5 minutes later, I get 3 offers from people wanting to buy them full price, today. Fuck. You may have guessed it already but I stuck to the original deal with the first dude cause I'm totally ethical like that. Effin' conscience!

Honestly, I'm hoping this dude doesn't screw me over by not showing up at the meeting place cause I'm not below using all my resources to track his ass down & egg his house.

I'm telling you guys, I may be a pushover but I'm hard core.


On a quick side note: I never knew 'conscience' was spelled this way. No joke, I had to google & look it up in the dictionary 3x just to make sure it was correct.



  1. Wow! I would never meet a buyer half-way. If he wants his bargain waterpark tix, he'd have to drive to me to get them. Okay, not to me, but to the nearest public coffeeshop with lots of witnessses nearby. Just in case. ;p

  2. Probably should've mentioned it but the meet up place (I feel so gangsta saying that lol) is in a very public place & Rusty's gonna be with me. There's no way I'm being abducted & seen on the side of a milk carton later...nu-uh.

  3. I'm glad you're not meeting him alone. I was worried about that also. It stinks the other offers didn't come first.

  4. Lin, you are a better person than me. I would have taken one of the other offers, called the dude and told him "deal's off". Of course, I am the veteran of the "desperate Craigslist sale" so maybe I've grown hardened and cold. It's like people who want to buy things from me on eBay and hold it for two weeks until their payday. Try that at Target, butthead.

    Hang in there girl. I hate being poor but when you do get some $$$ you appreciate it so much more!!

  5. I remember eating corn flakes dry for a few weeks because I had no money, and there was nothing in the pantry, refrigerator or freezer.

    I was working 2 full time jobs, (well, one 40 hour and one 30 hour) and scared out of my mind as to how I was ever going to pay my credit card off and get back on my feet.
    My empathy to you Lin.

    Good that you were ethical, even in a yucky offer thing like the guy was doing for your stuff.

    I strongly believe that consistently acting that way encourages ethical people to be in your life, and the not ethical ones drift away or don't even come in.

    Hope things get better for you soon!

  6. First, I would neva turn off my A/C so I'm with ya girl. Hey, being poor sucks and I've been there...still am...where I sell my shit on eBay hoping to get some bites.

    I'm sorry these lame callers/buyers didn't get to you before the first guy did. Ugh. But you're smart & I truly believe it'll come to you ten fold. Trust me.

    Hang in there. It'll get better.

  7. Well if I can help in any way! I have a bread maker that you can put up for sale. Make sure you jack up the price so we cover shipping. So like, you could ask $300....what? that's totally reasonble! Homemade bread is so delicious, people would be fools to not want the $300 breadmaker! I so know what you're going through though. I just finished selling all my baking pans. I sold hundreds of dollars worth for like $40 because I needed money to buy a new backpack for my kid...sigh...should I have admitted that?

  8. ha ha. I look words up so many times or just use a simpler one if I don't have time. Glad I'm not the only one. Maybe egg the house anyway...a throw back to junior high.


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